POWKIDDY A12 the mini arcade with 9-inch screen for this summer

Today we see on AliExpress that a small mini arcade that looks very good called POWKIDDY A12 has just appeared for sale, although we can also find it under other names.

To everyone’s joy we see that the POWKIDDY A12 finally includes a lever and buttons 100% Arcade, a great improvement over other mini arcades that we have seen so far where this was its weakest point and which in turn endows it with that aspect so attractive retro.

Note that it includes a 9-inch TFT screen and that comes with 2000 games for the 12 emulators that includes CPS / FBA / SFC / GBA / GBC / GB / FC / GG / MD / PS / NEOGEO, it only emulates some Play games Station, with which we can spend many hours this summer enjoying its Arcade controller that will give us better movement precision. Without a doubt, the most interesting low-cost mini Chinese Arcade we’ve seen so far thanks to its controls that will undoubtedly give us a great gaming experience.



The new POWKIDDY A12 includes a Quad Core SoC and for storage includes a 32 GB capacity micro SD with 2000 ready-to-play games. The included screen is a 9-inch TFT with a resolution of 1024x 600 pixels, and we have a 3600 mha internal battery rechargeable by a USB Type-C power port.

For audio we have a single rear speaker and as connectors we find an HDMI video output port with which we can connect to a TV, 3.5 mm audio jack and a pair of USB 2.0 ports that allow connecting a pair of gamepads to throw some games to doubles.

Price and availability in stores

  • The POWKIDDY A12 console can be purchased on Aliexpress.com for about $81 with shipping included.

POWKIDDY A12 retro

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