Powkiddy RS-17 a 7 inch Nintendo Switch low budget clone

In Aliexpress as well as in other Chinese stores we can find several systems that are inspired by the popular Nintendo Switch design. Of course the similarities are external, since we will only be able to move games emulated from 8 or 16-bit Nintendo or Sega systems at most.

The Powkiddy RS-17 is another cheap and crappy clone that we can find under different names in Aliexpress of which we call the attention to its controllers, which have a horrific look, but as far as we can see they are on par with the rest of hardware of this retro console. The details of this laptop are minimal and in the field of emulation we only have preloaded 8 console emulators up to 16 bits and includes several games as standard.

Powkiddy RS 17 retro


On the Powkiddy RS-17 we have practically no data on its hardware, as we do not know SoC, RAM and storage memory. As far as we know, its hardware is just right for playing 16-bit Super nintendo and Megadrive titles, so we can’t expect any miracles.

Screen and other specifications

Its screen is a 7-inch with an HD resolution although we don’t know the exact pixel resolution either. In the area of connectors we have a micro SD card reader, 3.5 mm audio jack, miniHDMI video output and a pair of micro USB ports one for power and another where we can connect an external gamepad that includes as an accessory. The battery is 1800 mAh and according to the advertising can last up to 6 hours.

Price and availability

  • The Powkiddy RS-17 Retro Console can be purchased at Aliexpress.com only for $46 (41.76 €) with free shipping using a discount coupon provided by the seller.

Powkiddy RS 17

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