Powkiddy X39 Pro, new Linux retro console at an affordable price

New retro console with attractive design called Powkiddy X39 Pro. A machine of small dimensions with rather humble specifications that stands out for its low price.

The Powkiddy X39 Pro retro console has a design with controls on the sides and double trigger. It surprises us with its USB ports designed to connect two external Gamepads. It has a 4.3″ horizontal format screen with IPS technology. As usual, it comes standard with several emulators such as PS1, CPS1, CPS2, FBA, NEOGEO, GBA, GBC, GB, SFC, FC…

An emulation machine that has an analog control on top of the crosshead and many buttons.  We also have HDMI video output to connect it to an external display.

Powkiddy X39 Pro

Powkiddy X39 Pro Specifications

The new Powkiddy X39 Pro has as its main engine an ATM7051 Quad Core SoC manufactured with 4 ARM Cortex-A9 processors capable of reaching a maximum speed of 900 MHz and which integrates an SGX540 GPU in the graphics aspect.

This console has 128 MB of LPDDR2 RAM and 128 MB ROM. It comes with a 64 GB micro SD card used to store the Linux system and a large number of games.

The screen is a 4.3 inch IPS display with a resolution of 480×272 pixels. The internal battery is of a good capacity with 2500 mAh capable of lasting up to 8 hours and that we can recharge through its USB Type-C port.

The rest of the connectors we find, two USB 2.0, a 3.5 mm audio jack, a micro SD card reader and for audio we have a simple 0.8 W speaker.

Price and availability

  • The new Powkiddy X39 Pro can be purchased on AliExpress only for $54 including shipping and VAT.

Powkiddy X39 Pro retro console

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