PUBG Lite on PC, requirements, configuration and performance tests

We already have for free the PUBG Lite game, a reduced version of this popular Battle Royale that is now available in Europe, LATAM, MENA and Asia, here you have more information about the regions where it is available. A version derived from PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS with reduced graphics and lower resource requirements. Let’s see how works in our mini PC’s with integrated GPU.


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Hardware requirements

PUBG Lite requirements are not very high, if we adjust the quality we can get to play with 4GB of RAM and a fairly simple integrated Intel GPU, if we have dedicated GPU even if it’s simple we won’t have any problem. The highest requirement is the need for an Intel Core i3 CPU which will cause Celeron or Pentium processors to suffer.

  • 4GB of minimum RAM.
  • Core i3 processor.
  • Minimum GPU an Intel HD Graphics 4000 but it is recommended superior.
  • 4GB disk space.

PUBG Lite installation

To install PUBG Lite on our PC we just need to download the installer and follow the steps, we have to create a user account to access the game, it only requires 4GB of our space on our hard drive.

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Graphic quality settings

In graphic settings we have several options that allow us to increase performance.
  • Display mode: Borderless / window / full screen. The most efficient is full screen.
  • Dynamic resolution: This will lower the rendering resolution dynamically and if we want stable fps it is recommended.
  • General quality of the graphics:
    – Very low = is recommended for computers with limited hardware.
    – Low = there is not much loss of performance and the textures look somewhat better.
    – Medium = general improvements already noticeable drop in performance, it looks pretty good.
    – High = high visual quality.
    – Ultra = maximum quality but substantial performance drop.
  • Viewing distance: if we have little ram or play with integrated GPU it is better to lower it.
  • Lighting: in small teams disable.

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Performance control

Within Gameplay setting we have some important sections to configure the performance of the game while we are testing it, it is important to activate them at the beginning to fine tune our settings.

  • Network debug statistics: gives us the ping and connection data.
  • Dynamic Resolution Information: it tells us the% of rendering with respect to the 100% that is the native one.
  • FPS information: information on the frame rate per second on the screen.

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To do the perform the tests we have used different equipment with more or less power, the results are quite variable because the dynamic resolution gives us the option to play even the smallest detail in very modest equipment, although it looks blurry.

  • MINIX NEO G41V-4 with Intel Celeron N4100 and 4GB RAM DDR4
    Result: in very low settings and 50% rendering in about 24fps.

  • MINIX NEO J50C-4 with Pentium Silver J5005 and 4GB RAM DDR4
    Result: in low settings and 70% rendering in about 30fps.

Other tests we have done but have not recorded video:

  • AMD Ryzen 5 3400G with integrated Vega GPU and 8GB of DDR4 RAM
    Result: in high settings and 100% rendering we stay at about 45fps.
  • Intel Core i3-5005U passive miniPC with Intel HD 5500 GPU and 8GB of DDR3 RAM
    Result: in low settings and 70% rendering we stay at about 30fps.


Some tips for PUBG Lite, if you have more points, add them to the list.

  • You usually play in a group of 4, go with them and jump in the same area.
  • Look at their numbers and name, if they are shot you will see their lives come down.
  • The map indicates where they shot.
  • If you hide the weapon with X you run more.
  • The right blue bar indicates how much is the limit of the scenario that kills you.
  • The F1 to F4 keys are objects, healing and wheel communications, you choose what you want and release.
  • On the map you can indicate points to mark enemies or where you are going.
  • The ammunition that is worth for the weapons you have is marked with the silhouette of the weapon when you hover over the cursor.
  • Backpack, helmet and vest have 3 levels, they have some stripes on the icon below, always bearing the highest you find.
  • You can loot the enemy boxes with the right mouse button.
  • Turn off the chat audio if you don’t want to bother other players.
  • It combines a submachine gun type assault weapon for short distances with another long-range telescopic range.
  • With the keys ALT + Right mouse button you switch between the sight glasses that you have mounted on the weapon.
  • To sharpen marksmanship, press Shift when they are pointed with the peephole, better be crouched or lying down.
  • After shooting change places, your shooting position is marked on the map of the enemies.

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