PUBG MOBILE on Android, compatibles TV-Box and how to play with Gamepad or keyboard and mouse

PUBG MOBILE on Android (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is undoubtedly one of the greatest hits of recent times, an action game type Battle Royale (only can survive one player) that has already swept on PC and has made the leap to devices Android directly thanks to the conversion made using the native Unreal Engine 4. In this guide we will see which hardware is compatible, how to install it in any device and how to control it with gamepad or keyboard and mouse, even how to play this version on PC. Everyone can eat the chicken.

PUBG tvbox d01


The company responsible for PUBG MOBILE has made a smart move using Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) for all versions of their game, they can apply the same content to all our platforms and continue with the same play experience on any device.

Minimum requirements

The minimum requirements of the games are imposed by the UE4 since by default this type of game can only be compiled with a profile that supports these features, as we can see they are demanding but nothing out of the ordinary either.

  • Have a GPU with OpenGL support ES 3.1 or higher
  • System with at least 2 GB of RAM
  • Android 5.1.1
  • Minimum free storage 2 GB
  • TV-Box: Requires mouse or pointer emulator to select menus

PUBG tvbox n10

TV-Box and SoC supported

In the following graph you can see a selection of TV-Box models that support PUBG MOBILE at hardware level since they have a SOC (processor) that integrates a GPU (graphic chip) with OpenGL ES 3.1 support. The performance and graphic quality will be defined by the power of the GPU, as a reference we have to focus on the results of 3DMark Sling Shot since it runs on OpenGL ES 3.1 and will give us a reference on how the game will move.

  • Compatible: Tegra X1, Allwinner H6, Realtek RTD1295, Hisilicon Hi3798CV200, Amlogic S912, S922X, S905X2, S905Y2, Rockchip RK3288, RK3368, RK3399. Our recommendation today: S922X and S902X2 boxes.
  • Not compatible: All the rest where S905X, S905W, RK3328, RK3229 … basically all those that mount Mali-450 GPU or lower.
  • You can check our List of best TV-Box in the market to see which device is the correct to play PUBG MOBILE.

PUBG tvbox n12


PUBG tvbox n02



To play PUBG MOBILE we need a lot of fluency since at critical moments we need to perform fast actions with precision, so I recommend lowering the settings to the minimum within the configuration icon, then we can play games and going up settings and if we feel comfortable we can leave them.

PUBG tvbox n03

Within the system settings we can still fine-tune the performance, if we notice that the game runs with little speed it is better to lower everything to the minimum and activate the automatic fps change so that we do not lose performance. We must also bear in mind that if we have a very closed box TV-Box it can going quite hot.

PUBG tvbox n04


If we want to be the kings of the game, certainly the use of keyboard and mouse in PUBG MOBILE will give us a substantial advantage, the ability to perform strafe (lateral movement), point with the mouse and manage all the functions of the game with the keyboard is a differential point, something that can be seen playing where our opponents with touch controls or Gamepad are very limited in movements. With Gamepad in PUBG MOBILE we will have a lot of comfort and a lot of advantage also over our rivals. None of these methods is officially supported at 100% although with keyboard and mouse we can play partially.

Keyboard and mouse without remapping software

We can play with keyboard and mouse without using a program to configure anything as we see in the next video, the beginning is a bit confusing but when we use it is simple and gives us a very big advantage over our rivals.

  • Aiming: we have to leave the left mouse button pressed in the lower middle part of the screen.
  • Shoot: press on the bullet to shoot that we can leave it tight to make bursts while we are moving.
  • Move: use the keyboard WASD keys.
  • Running: drag movement cursor and click on the run icon,
  • Vehicles: click on the arrows to turn or advance.

With keyboard + mouse or Gamepad and remapping software

This method is the most efficient but is not compatible with all devices and the developer CAN ban our user account !!! if detect that we play with advantage, it is advised to play as a guest and without profile.

  • Install Octopus ( apk direct download )to play with Keyboard and mouse or Gamepad in PUBG MOBILE, this app already comes with profiles for these controls for the game by default with what not we will have to configure anything, does not require root.

PUBG tvbox n05

Run Octopus and as we see in the upper part we have the types of control that we have connected to our TV-Box or Android device, we can use them all indifferently. In the lower part we have the list of installed games, by default we will start PUBG MOBILE, although we can use this program for other games.

PUBG tvbox n08

Inside game the use is simple, we have defined by default the keys in the action areas so it is very simple, we can move them or change them as we are interested. On the left we have the Octopus icon that we can press to show the advanced options and change drivers, in TV-Box we need a connected mouse.

PUBG tvbox n06

Within the Octopus settings menu we can switch between Keyboard and Gamepad, we can see the two systems already have a template configured, in the case of the Gamepad we have few buttons available for all the actions that a game like PUBG has.

PUBG tvbox n07a

An important point in this app are the settings, the level of transparency of the keys on the screen can be lowered when we already have them memorized to have the cleanest screen, the POV Sensivility level is critical to control the character’s rotation speed which by default is somewhat slow.

PUBG tvbox n09


As a extra we leave here an Android emulator for PC that seems to work pretty well to run PUBG MOBILE on our computer, with this method everyone can try the experience of this game for free.

  • Install NoxPlayer 6 on PC to play PUBG MOBILE in Android version

PUBG tvbox n13

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saad khan




saad khan

why sir

Gourav R Sontakke

I downloaded pub g in my Sony Bravia Android TV and login also done and start the game also but not able to control it.
How can I control it .
Please help me
How can I play

This tutorial is for Android Mobile, not Android TV… but you try to connect a mouse and keyboard?

jimmy boy

please suggest me best box for pubg without having any issues or those who have less issues


Nvidia shield or Beelink GT-king with 4gb of ram.




or GT mini??


Gt mini, sure.


I have TCL android 6.0 TV , I have already installed pubge mobile and octopus but can’t activate this one, to activate octopus you need connect you phone to phone, but my device is TV and cannot conect to pc as phone , also my tv is not rooted .

How can I solved my problem??
How to activate octopus on my android TV ?

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