Qualcomm presents its new mid-range SoC’s Snapdragon 632, 439 and 429


Once again we have Qualcomm heading our news since it has just presented a new range of chips oriented to mid-range smartphones across its price spectrum. How could it be otherwise these SoC incorporate improvements in AI and take a step forward in performance and optimization of consumption compared to the previous generation. The manufacturing process of these new SoC seems to be in 12 and 14nm FinFet and will be available in the market towards the end of 2018

Snapdragon 632

This is the most powerful SoC presented and successor of the Snapdragon 630 is an Octa Core with two clusters of processors Kyro 250 (the high performance possibly with a variant of the Cortex-A72) and a GPU Adreno 506. A chip capable of capturing video in 4K resolution, with native support for dual cameras (13MP + 13MP) and ready to be mounted on smartphones with screens with up to FHD+ resolutions. We also found a module for AI and a 4G-LTE X9 modem capable of reaching 300 Mbps in downloads and 150 Mbps in upload speeds.

Snapdragon 439

The successor of the Snapdragon 635 is an Octa Core with two ARM Cortex-A53 processor clusters and an Adreno 505 GPU with support for screens with up to FHD+ resolutions. The modem on this chip is a 4G-LTE X6, includes a module for AI and support for a camera up to 21MP or dual 8 + 8MP.

Snapdragon 429

This new Chip comes to replace the Snapdragon 425 and includes a single Octa Core cluster with ARM Cortex-A53 processors capable of reaching 1.95Ghz and an Adreno 504 GPU with support for screens with up to HD+ resolution. The chosen modem is also a 4G-LTE X6, it also has a module for AI and natively includes support to operate dual cameras of 8 MP or one of 16 MP.

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