Realm Pad, another scam tablet that tries to fool us

If the other day we talked about fake tablets that mimic the Xiaomi Pad 5 today we have another scam, this time of the Realme Pad tablet, which has the name of Realm Pad or Realmi Pad.

This time the specifications are not as exaggerated as in the Xiaomi scam tablets, but it is still a pretty crude attempt at deception. As always, we have features with confusing data throughout the product description and the classic photos imitating the original Realme model. A classic example to try to generate sales by creating confusion to users who are not very clear what they are buying.

realm pad fake

Realm Pad Specifications (fake)

The Realm Pad seems to include as engine with a Mediatek P60 although in some product data says Snapdragon, the original Realme model mounts the much more powerful SoC MediaTek G80. It is very possible that in the end it may mount an older Mediatek processor because everything is possible.

As for RAM we have 8 GB soldered on the board and for storage we have 256 GB versions, which could also be false by faking the data shown by the system, we can expand it with the micro SD card reader.

Other alleged features

In the 10.1-inch LCD type screen could not miss the classic 2K false resolution when in its specifications tells us that it is a little more than FullHD, although it can be anything. It also says that it mounts Wifi aC and Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connectivity, with the classic LTE + GPS modem of Mediatek SoCs.

The battery has a capacity of 8800 mAh that would have to be checked by opening it because it is a point where you can easily cheat. Of course, in the cameras we have 24 MP and 12 MP, figures that no one believes. The operating system is Android 10 hopefully.

Price and availability

  • The Realm Pad that we recommend, DON’T BUY IT can be found on AliExpress for $153.55 including VAT.

realm pad fake tablet

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