Redmi Band, the new affordable smart bracelet can now be pre-ordered

We already have for sale in the great bazaar of the first smart bracelet of the Xiaomi Sub-brand called Redmi Band. A Smartband that differs considerably at the design level with the Xiaomi bracelets with lines that are halfway between the low-price bracelets and the much more expensive Fitbit 4. The price, now $19.50 although it is surely low, is one of the main attractions of this bracelet, since it is below the Xiaomi and although it is supposed to have similar levels of quality.


The Redmi Band screen is a 1.08-inch color touch AMOLED with more than 70 customizable screen designs for your App and that includes IP68 certification. For connectivity we have Bluetooth 5.0 and we also have a sensor that informs us of the heart rate at the bottom.

The average battery life of 135mAh, according to the brand, is 14 days and it is recharged with a USB connector located at one end of its body and hidden by the strap, a strap that, by the way, is available in four colors. It does not have NFC for payments, only the Alipay system is available for China and as you can imagine it includes monitoring of various sports, mobile alerts, alarms and other common functions.

Price and availability

  • The new Redmi Band can be pre-ordered on or for $ 19.50 with free shipping. It is expected to be in stock in early May.

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