New signs of a refresh for the NVidia Shield TV with updated SoC

The signs of a new version of the successful NVidia Shield TV are accumulating. If a weeks ago we received indications of a new remote this week thanks to XDA we have known a new update of Tegra X1 SoC called mdarcy, in the spec sheet of this new product we can also see that it has Android 9 Pie as operating system, something that still expect the current users of the Shield that we still have in the market.

This new version of the Tegra X1 T210 mdarcy SoC would be an evolution of the current darcy, which possibly has a jump in the scale of manufacturing the SoC to make it more efficient, still in 20nm a size already outdated. At the same time we have rumors of an increase in the production line of the Nintendo Switch perhaps for a new version with this SoC, perhaps a more compact revision with tight screen or the rumored version with the integrated controls.

Undoubtedly the current NVidia Shield TV is still one of the most powerful TV-Box on the market and continues in the top of our list of recommended Android TV for its excellent support and compatibility with all streaming systems. We also have references in the latest Google development tools that this new version of NVidia Shield TV could come out in November at the same time as the Stadia streaming game system.

Undoubtedly an accumulation of interesting rumors and news for which we expect a movement by NVidia in the SoC sector. A sector that has left aside this company and that has taken advantage of AMD with Zen to take over the next generation console sector as is the case of the future PS5 and Xbox Next Gen, if you do not want to let escape in a future the new Nintendo Switch 2 have to make something.

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