How to remove the ads on Xiaomi Smartphones

The Xiaomi brand always offers us products with an excellent quality / price ratio, but it has some drawbacks such as the presence of Ads in some products. In the following guide we explain in a simple and clear way how to disable integrated advertising in your system and various related tips.

Why do Xiaomi Smartphone have ads? The very low prices in these Xiaomi Smartphones push the brand to win income with alternative methods and one of them is advertising integrated into the system. This can be annoying and several of you have asked us for advice to disable this banners or ads on the screen.

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Remove ads on Xiaomi Smartphones

In the Xiaomi firmware with MIUI we have many apps from the company itself that integrate ads separately, so we must individually disable the ads option in each app. Some smartphone models come without advertising by default, usually the high-end ones, but others require this process.

  • NOTE: Settings may vary between Xiaomi Smartphones and different MIUI system versions.

Ad system in MIUI

  • Settings > System and device > Additional settings.
  • Authorization and revocation> We are looking for MSA (MIUI System Ads)> Deactivate it.
    – Alternative: Settings> Apps> MSA> Restrict data usage.

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Ads in app Downloads

  • App downloads > Settings and uncheck the option to Show recommended content.

Ads in File manager app

  • Settings > About > Uncheck the Recommendations option.

Ads in My Music app

  • Settings > Advanced settings > Uncheck Receive notifications.

Ads in Security app

  • Settings > Uncheck Receive recommendations.

Internet Browser Ads

  • With this we deactivate the advertisements of the browser itself but not those of the websites we visit.
  • Settings > Privacy and security > Uncheck Personalized service.

Alternative apps without Xiaomi ads

As we can see Xiaomi’s own apps integrate ads and it is recommended to use other alternatives that do not have this type of advertising. Keep in mind that many free apps also integrate ads so it is better to try and compare.

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