Retrofanconsole the gift of this summer that entertains and refreshes you

Today we have a device for Top 10 podium of humanity’s inventions, a Chinese invention that you won’t be able to resist now that the summer heat is coming.

For just a few euros we can get a retro console with 500 games installed, which in its upper part includes a small cyclonic fan with three speeds with which we can cool down while we play for hours and hours. No doubt with this invention we will be the center of attention, of envious looks or perhaps the laughingstock, in any social gathering or public transport.



The technical specifications in this design wonder are secondary, or at least it seems that way, since not much is included in the advertising. All we know is that it includes a 2.4 inch screen and an internal 3.7V – 800 mAh battery that is recharged via a micro USB port.

Presumably it will emulate 8-bit consoles although as we say the technical information is conspicuous by its absence in this peculiar D-5 console. For the price you can’t expect to have a PlayStation 5 of course.

Editor’s note: Fixing the view on the fan may cause drowsiness, dizziness and/or vomiting. We recommend as a precaution to play seated and well tied up with some straps or belt, you are warned.

Price and availability in stores

  • This new D-5 retro console with fan can be purchased at the online store for only $12.39 ($13.49) with free shipping and is available in 4 colors.

retro fan

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