REVIEW: Bluedio TS5 Mini, a speaker with Alexa system integrated (Badly)

Bluedio TS5 Mini is the intelligent speaker of which today we present your analysis or review. A model that theoretically has connectivity for the virtual assistance systems of Amazon Alexa and also Baidu that will only be used in the Chinese territories. A model as we see very economical that offers interesting functions and a correct sound for the price it has, in the following pages we will see if it fulfills what promises this peculiar device.

  • Bluedio TS5 Mini can be purchased in for only $21.6 (€19) with fast shipping


ModelBluedio TS5 Mini
Basic SpecsSystem: Alexa / Baidu
Microphones: 1x long-range integrated
Speaker: 1x center speaker for assistant and playback
Interfaces: Lower LED
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
Ports: USB Type-C
Battery: Integrated up to 5 hours
Others: Control buttons / Bluedio APP
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The Bluetooth speaker Bluedio TS5 Mini has measures of 74 mm in diameter and 91 mm in height, very small dimensions as you can see in the video of unboxing. In the upper part we have the only 52 mm speaker that emits sound upwards, in the lower front we see the long range microphone and the control button, to turn it on and off we have to keep Play button pressed, to access the Alexa commands we have to press twice this button.

  • Materials: Plastic and aluminium / Black color.
  • Interfaces: 1x Led blue status / USB Type-C charging / Play button and functions, rewind and delay.
  • Accessories: 5V DC adaptor with 1.5 meter cable / manual.

In the lower part we have a blue status LED that tells us when Alexa is listening or if we are executing some action by Bluetooth, we have a USB Type-C connector and four rubber feet in the lower area so that it does not slip.



We start up the Bluedio TS5 Mini by keep pressing the Play button and we pair it with our mobile phone by bluetooth. From the controls of Android system we connect directly without problems, you do not have to enter any password or take any action. We have a Bluedio app but it is quite basic and it does not help much since it is in development, the only useful thing is the button to activate Alexa from our mobile.


As we see the Bluedio TS5 Mini app is very basic and has almost no functions, it seems that this product is still in development and only serves to run Alexa searches remotely or pass some audio tests. The official Alexa app does not connect with the speaker and indicates it as offline, we do not know if in the future this speaker will be really compatible, but now NO.


To start the Amazon Alexa system we only have two options, one pressing twice the Play button on the speaker which is quite uncomfortable because the button is very small and we have to lift the speaker to press it or also from the Bluedio app. As we see we have no option to use the smart speaker without hands talking directly, something that limits the use quite a lot also we can not use it with the Official Alexa app to connect with other systems leaves this product at the level of a simple conventional Bluetooth speaker.



The long-range microphone as we have seen is not always active so we will not have privacy problems, but that limits the real use of this speaker in the assistant side, the system works correctly at a short distance but from a distance we will have to raise our voice a lot so that the device understands us correctly.


In the Bluedio TS5 Mini we have a 52mm speaker that gives a correct quality for his price but has a fairly metallic sound compared to the Google Home mini itself that we think is better in this regard. The power of 4W allows us to use it to listen to music at a quite high volume but as we say tends to metallic.


The integrated battery gives us enough autonomy if we do not exceed the power of the volume, something that is appreciated to use it throughout the house, we can get to 4/5 hours loading it to the maximum. The USB Type-C connector is too tight to the box and can take up to 3 hours to recharge, quite slow.



Bluedio TS5 Mini _













  • Compact
  • Integrated battery
  • Correct sound
  • We can play with Alexa
  • Cheap and fast shipping


  • Alexa half backed
  • Basic design
  • Poor app


The Bluedio TS5 Mini speaker as we see is interesting for his price that is very competitive, at the level of finishing is quite good and the sound is correct but somewhat metallic. The Bluetooth speaker function we can say that it performs normally since it does not have much mystery, where it has shortcomings is in the use of Alexa that as we have seen has to be done through the Bluedio app, which leaves a lot to be desired or pressing the tiny button of the speaker itself. In the end the assistant function will be relegated to the background because we can not use it directly as in the official Alexa devices or Google Home models. In short, this is a conventional Bluetooth speaker that has a half Alexa function, luckily is very economical.


  • Bluedio TS5 Mini can be purchased in for only $21.6 (€19) with fast shipping

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