REVIEW: Combatwing M180 gaming headphones

Combatwing M180 are the headphones of which today we present your review or analysis. A new model with gaming design in red and that has an original ring made of a metal sheet. A headset designed for the gaming users as we see in the decoration and the specifications it integrates. Will see in today’s review how these headphones behave that offer interesting features at a reasonable price.

  • Combatwing M180 can be purchased on Amazon for only  $28.99 (€22) with free shipping



ModelCombatwing M180
Basic SpecsSpeakers: 50mm / Impedance 16Ω / Sensitivity 108dB ± 3dB / Range 20MHz-20KHz
Microphone: 4×1.55 mm / Impedance 2.2K Ω / Sensitivity -38dB ± 3dB / Range 100MHz-16KHz / Rotary and flexible
Connection: Cable, 2 meters / Jack + Dual jack / USB adapter for LEDs
Weight: 0.92 lb (420 g)
Lighting: Red Led in helmets
Content: Headphones / Cables / Manual

Package content

The Combatwing M180 gaming headphones come in a fairly large box with the product inside a bag, along with them we have a small but complete user manual that tells us the main connection options available.


The Combatwing M180 gaming headphones have a somewhat different design thanks to its flexible metal ring. The connection cable is 2 meter mesh with the audio jack and the USB connector for the LEDs. The level of finishes is correct and it seems quite resistant, in the upper diadem we have a foam surface that adjusts in height elastically and the metal ring is fixed in height.

On the two sides of the Combatwing M180 we has red gaming decorations that light up when connecting the USB adapter that we have in the connection cable, it is simply a touch of gaming color. The 50mm headphones have a really comfortable foam padding that has a synthetic leather covering around the perimeter, the touch and pressure of these parts are correct and do not tire in the long term, the weight of 420 grams. The microphone system is adjustable in all directions by its flexo arm.

In the Combatwing M180 cable we have a volume control system with on/off button for the integrated microphone and volume wheel for the headphones, we can take them to total silence quickly. The 2 meter cable of the helmets has a nice mesh finish, on the audio jack we have an adapter to divide the signals into two jacks if necessary for our device (check the compatibility table).


Performance test

The Combatwing M180 headphones have correct specifications within their price, the speakers as we see in our test have a high power without much distortion to some extent thanks to their 50mm speakers, have a correct impedance, sensitivity and frequency range. In addition the thick insulation of the pads allow us a good level of insulation and are comfortable.

The microphone behaves quite well and the results are positive although it is somewhat metallic (see video review), it does not have a noise cancellation system. In general, the results are correct although for the price, as is logical, we can not expect something of the highest quality, it is simply adequate for normal communication sessions in gaming.

  • Speakers: 50mm / Impedance 16Ω / Sensitivity 108dB ± 3dB / Range 20MHz-20KHz
  • Microphone: 4×1.55 mm / Impedance 2.2K Ω / Sensitivity -38dB ± 3dB / Range 100MHz-16KHz


These headphones have a classic compatibility, to connect to a PC we must use the two-connector adapter that comes as standard one for the speakers and another for the microphone.

  • Speaker compatibility: YES PS4, Nintendo, iOS, Android, Xbox one  /  PC with adapter / NO with Xbox classic or 360
  • Microphone compatibility: YES with PC, PS4, iOS, Android, Xbox  / NO with Nintendo, Xbox classic, 360 or PSP



Combatwing M180 _













  • Flexible fork
  • Design and leds
  • Correct speakers
  • Good padding
  • Cheap


  • Microphone with some metallic sound


The Combatwing M180 headphones as we see are a product that offer us a pretty nice gaming design. The integrated 50mm headphones are quite powerful and the microphone gives acceptable results to be able to speak in a gaming session. The ergonomics of the headphones are comfortable and the padding insulates properly. The gaming design in red is quite attractive and has LED lighting that we can turn off by disconnecting the USB. The cable is quite long, we have direct volume and microphone controls in the central control. In general an interesting product, the benefits and the general quality since its construction are acceptable and allow us to play without problems, for the price they are not bad.


  • Combatwing M180 can be purchased on Amazon for only  $28.99 (€22) with free shipping

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i just got some today… they don’t work with my brand new pc… windows and its cyberpower, if that helps… with an asus monitor…

Just bought this for my son, trying to use it on his MAC but the mic doesn’t work, or these two compatible?