REVIEW: CORN WB02 a complete Smartwatch with great autonomy

CORN WB02 is the Smartwatch that we will see today in our review, a sports watch that incorporates multiple sensors and has a long battery life. This Smartwatch has a TFT color screen with good resolution and a general design quite careful with a metal body. In this smartwatch we have IP68 protection that defends itself well in sports environments and resists short term immersions. Let’s see in our analysis how it behaves and if it’s worth it or not.
  • The Smartwatch CORN WB02 can be purchased in only for $133,99 (€35) with free shipping.
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Model CORN WB02
Basic Specs Screen: TFT 1.3″ touch / 240×240
Procesor: Nordic 52832 Cortex-M4
System: Own
RAM and Storage: 64 KB RAM / 32 MB ROM
Sensors: Heart rate monitor / Blood pressure / Oxygen / Pedometer / Vibration
Conectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
Modem: No
Cameras and audio: No
Autonomy: 280 mAh Litio-Ion (10/20 days)
Protection: IP68 (submersible 1m)
Materials and measures: Plastic and metal / 9.5 x 9.5 x 5.1 mm / 56 gr.
Compatible: Android 4.4 / iOS 8.5 or superior


The Smartwatch CORN WB02 comes in a small box with some protections for transport, inside we have a manual in English, the magnetic charging cable and the Smartwatch by a plastic protection on the screen.

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The new Smartwatch CORN WB02 has a sporty design and follows the lines of this type of product, we have a round screen with metal frame with three different designs, at the bottom we have another metal cover. A clock with contained dimensions of 9.5 x 9.5 x 5.1 mm and a weight of 56 gr that does not make it too heavy.

The touch screen in this model is a 1.3″ diameter TFT with 240×240 pixels resolution, it has a side button that serves to return to the main screen. The screen can be read perfectly indoors and outdoors is where we have difficulty reading it although it also defends itself quite well by putting the brightness to its fullest.

  • Protection: It can be immersed thanks to IP68 certification, it is not for intense use underwater.

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The Smartwatch CORN WB02 has variants with leather or silicone wristbands compatible all types of wrists, the perimeter frame also has three different designs in addition to having available black and metal. Within the leather models we have natural leather color and black, no doubt a good range of different designs available.

At the rear we have the two magnetic loading points and the sensor lights. The magnetic charging cable is easily attached to the watch and connected to any charger using the USB cable provided. This design with IP68 certification is submersible, allows us in theory to swim and in the measurement modes of the app we have swimming available.


Control display

In the CORN WB02 clock screen we have basic information, and we can change between only three designs. Normally in the clock we have an indicator of battery, time and sport activity performed. We have gestures in 3 directions that give us direct access to different functions, left/right sensor information, up shortcuts to different functions and down system settings and battery control.

  • Sports: Walking, running, cycling, jumping, badminton, basketball, soccer and swimming.
  • Sensors: Pulse, oxygen level and blood pressure.
  • Functions: SMS reader, time, camera shutter, music control, stopwatch, breath focus and mobile location.

The TFT screen has a diameter of 1.3″ and a resolution of 240×240, the image is clear and with good definition. The design of the icons is quite large and makes it easy to access all the available functions. The menus are a few and we will not have to go around much to do what we want


In the CORN WB02 clock we have as our own operating system focused on a simple use and with the aim of consuming only the energy necessary to perform the main functions. We have in the clock only functions to control the brightness of the screen, activate the silent mode, obtain QR code to synchronize and force the shutdown, the rest of functions are executed from the app.

  • System: Own.
  • Support: The system is updated by OTA.

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Control app

Although the CORN WB02 can be controlled autonomously we can install the Da Fit management app for Android or iOS from the official stores of each system. On the main screen we have access to several sections, in the left icon we have an overview of our physical activities, and we can launch measurement of each sensor of the clock.

  • Control app: Available in Android or iOS.
  • Unlock: Allows unlocking with Smart Lock in our smartphone.

Inside the central icon we have all the system settings, wallpapers, we can activate different reminders, alarms, screen when lifting the hand, trigger and access to the firmware update. In the right icon we have the settings of our user profile and the goal we want to achieve in daily steps.


Inside the CORN WB02 we have a lithium battery of 280 mAh, in a moderate use of the screen (we recommend deactivating the automatic screen on when turning the wrist) it can last us about 15 days with a single load. If we use it intensively with sensors it can last less than 5 days and the recharge is approximately 2 hours with a 5V 2A charger. The control app does not imply problems in the battery of our mobile, so we have checked.

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After trying the Smartwatch CORN WB02 for a few days, we can say that this is an interesting product for the price it has. The volume of this Smartwatch is quite adjusted for your screen and the weight is not annoying. We are before a device focused on the measurement of sports activity and auxiliary control of our Smartphone for messages and music. We have been surprised for good its autonomy that is quite long giving it a normal use, the magnetic recharge system is quite comfortable to use, and we do not need to dismantle anything.

The Smartwatch CORN WB02 has a quite attractive design with many versions and its metal body gives it some quality and also the screen looks quite good. The installed own system moves smoothly and offers us a simple but effective control system. The core of the clock has IP68 protection but in the instructions themselves it is commented that it is better not to go too far with the water and use it only occasionally in that area.

In general, CORN WB02 is a quite recommendable product if we are looking for an all-in-one watch with many functions focused on sports. If we need total autonomy and its style fits us, it can be a good option.

Where to buy

  • The Smartwatch CORN WB02 can be purchased in only for $133,99 (€35) with free shipping.

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