REVIEW: Goldenfir T650 a M.2 disk fast and cheap

Goldenfir T650 M.2 is the SSD disk that we present today in its review, specifically the model we test is its 128 GB version and as we can see it can be adapted to the three classic lengths of this format. An SSD disc from a Chinese brand that is still little known but as we can see it mounts Micron 3D TLC memory with what it has the maximum guarantees of use and good specifications. Without further ado let’s see how this new Chinese SSD works in our Review.

  • Goldenfir T650 M.2 can be purchased on sale at from only $22.92 (€19.99) including shipping for the most economical model with 64 GB capacity, we recommend ordering it with the exact size directly.


Model Goldenfir T650 M.2 (GDF0014)
Format SSD 2280 / 60 / 42
Interface M.2
Capacity 128 GB
Type of Memory Micron 3D TLC
Controller SM2258XT
Dimensions 0.78 x 3.15 inches
Live 1.000.000 Hours


Package content

The SSD Goldenfir T650 M.2 disk comes inside a plastic box of RAM and a strip of bubble wrap inside a padded envelope, enough for this type of product in general.

Goldenfir T650 review n01

The size of the disc Goldenfir T650 M.2 in this case we can cut it to the three lengths of 80, 60 and 42mm although we recommend ordering it in the store with the exact length to not damage it trimming. On the upper side we have all the circuitry, on the one hand the SM2258XT controller and on the opposite end near the screw fixing area the Micron 3D TLC memory with three status LEDs.

Goldenfir T650 review n02

On the opposite side we have the rest of the circuitry and the other memory module welded.

Goldenfir T650 review n03



We check the data of the Goldenfir T650 M.2 SSD with the CrystalDiskInfo Software where we can see and contrast the specifications of this SSD SATA III. The data is correct and matches the advertised, we have 128 GB capacity and SATA / 600 interface with support SMART, NCQ, APM and TRIM.

Goldenfir T650 review cdi min


In  this classic test in the Goldenfir T650 M.2 where we can see the reading level maintains the values in front of a Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB. At the level of sequential reading and writing, it really good results, in section 4K is more weak but in general they are good data.

Goldenfir T650 M.2 Samsung EVO 850 SATA 250GB
Goldenfir T650 review cdm min SSD SATA SAMSUNG SATA 840 240GB

Anvil’s Storage Utilities

With this test we have identical results with the Goldenfir T650 M.2 and we observe that in reading it has correct results compared to the Samsung 850 EVO of 250GB, this M.2 SSD gives good results for the price it has.

Goldenfir T650 review evil min
Goldenfir T650 M.2
Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB_SATA_Anvils storage utilities

AS SSD Benchmark

In the Goldenfir T650 M.2 we passed the test AS SSD Benchmark that gives similar results to the previous tests where it is clear that the performance of this SSD is good in front of a Samsung 850 EVO 250GB.

Goldenfir T650 M.2 SAMSUNG EVO 850 SATA 250GB
Goldenfir T650 review as min SAMSUNG 850 SSD SATA 250GB AS SSD Benchmark


In this benchmark you can see how the Goldenfir T650 M.2 works against others SSD models that are now popular in the market. The values are very good in sequential writing and are well above many brands even western, the 4K section is good enough too.

Goldenfir T650 review test eng n01

  • Read/Write SEQ
    These data refer to the processes we do when copying a specific file continuously, for example when copying or writing a large file such as movies or ISO discs. This value defines the continuous transfer rate, which is important for storage units.
  • Read/Write 4K
    This data refers to the random accesses that the disk makes to files of size 4K. This data is significant because it defines for example how the OS can read system files or accessing small files, an important information to feel the system more fast.



After passing all the tests to the SSD Goldenfir T650 M.2 we can only say that this is a very interesting product, we have been surprised by the sequential speed in writing and reading that places it in a very good place comparing it with the competition of the sector. A good M.2 disk at a reasonable price, if we want to expand a mini PC or a laptop with little internal memory in a simple way is a good alternative. Compared to other models it has quite good performance figures and leaves behind any integrated eMMC 5.1 memory that can mount a device and even to leading Western brands. In general, an interesting product if we get it at a good price, assuming we buy it from China.

Where to buy

  • Goldenfir T650 M.2 can be purchased on sale at from only $22.92 (€19.99) including shipping for the most economical model with 64 GB capacity, we recommend ordering it with the exact size directly.

Goldenfir T650 review n04

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