REVIEW: KingSpec NT-512, an M.2 SSD with 512GB

Today we present the review of KingSpec NT-512 SSD disk in its version of 512 GB and M.2 format, a Chinese brand SSD that we bought with one of our DEALS on Aliexpress, only for $88.09. Although the store references can also be found with the name of NGFF, it is a text error since it is the previous version in mSATA format. Without further ado let’s see how this new Chinese SSD works in our Review.

  • You can buy the SSD KingSpec NT-512 in only for $31.34 for the smallest model


Model KingSpec NT-512
Format SSD 2280
Interface M.2
Capacity 512 GB
Type of Memory MLC
Controller MAXIOTEK MX8115
Dimensions 0.78 x 3.15 inches
Live 1.500.000 Hours


Package content

This KingSpec NT-512 SSD comes in a small transparent plastic package where we found the SSD and a small screw to anchor it to our computer.

KingSpec NT 512 destacada review

The size of the disk KingSpec NT-512 in this case it has the standard measures 20 x 80 mm and as you can see, it does not have any type of box, something usual in this type of SSD.

KingSpec NT 512 front review

On the board we have soldered the MAXIOTEK MX8115 controller and an MLC memory chip, a circuitry reduced to the minimum expression.

KingSpec NT 512 controladora review

The installation has no major problem, open our PC, click and fix it with the screw that accompanies this SSD.

KingSpec NT 512 instalacion review



First we check the data of the KingSpec NT-512 SSD with the CrystalDiskInfo Software where we can see and contrast the specifications of this SSD SATA III. The data is correct and matches the advertised, we have 512 GB capacity and SATA / 600 interface with support SMART, APM, NCQ, TRIM and DevSleep.

KingSpec N5 512 SSD M2 CrystalDiskinfo


We perform this classic test in the KingSpec NT-512 where we can see the reading level maintains the values in front of a Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB. At the writing level it has some rather low results, quite normal results for a device in this segment.

KingSpec NT-512 Samsung EVO 850 SATA 250GB
KingSpec N5 512 SSD M2 CrystalDiskMark SSD SATA SAMSUNG SATA 840 240GB

Anvil’s Storage Utilities

With this test we have identical results with the KingSpec NT-512 and we observe that in reading it has correct results compared to the Samsung 850 EVO of 250GB, this disk performs very well in general.

KingSpec N5 512 SSD M2 Anvil Storage
KingSpec NT-512
Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB_SATA_Anvils storage utilities

AS SSD Benchmark

In the KingSpec NT-512 we passed the test AS SSD Benchmark that gives similar results to the previous tests where it is clear that the performance of this SSD is good in front of a Samsung 850 EVO 250GB.

KingSpec NT-512 SAMSUNG EVO 850 SATA 250GB
KingSpec N5 512 SSD M2 AS SSD Benchmark SAMSUNG 850 SSD SATA 250GB AS SSD Benchmark


In this benchmark you can see how the KingSpec NT-512 works against others SSD models that are now popular in the market. The values as we see are not bad and surpass the majority of Chinese and Western SSDs that we have tested.

KingSpec N5 512 SSD M2 bench

  • Read/Write SEQ
    These data refer to the processes we do when copying a specific file continuously, for example when copying or writing a large file such as movies or ISO discs. This value defines the continuous transfer rate, which is important for storage units.
  • Read/Write 4K
    This data refers to the random accesses that the disk makes to files of size 4K. This data is significant because it defines for example how the OS can read system files or accessing small files, an important information to feel the system more fast.



After testing the disk SSD M.2 KingSpec NT-512 we can say that in relation quality price is an excellent product. This SSD competes and surpasses without major problems the majority of the low-end SSDs that we have tested so far, both Eastern and Western. An interesting M.2 SSD economical disk with which we can increase the space in our mini PC or laptop and that has a good speed with respect to much more expensive SSD units.

Where to buy

  • You can buy the SSD KingSpec NT-512 in only for $31.34 for the smallest model

KingSpec NT 512 destacada review

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