REVIEW: KOSPET PRIME, a sports smartwatch with high-end options

KOSPET PRIME is the Smartwatch that we will see today in his review, a model that in addition to the already classic heart rate measurement has all the options of a Smartphone. This smartwatch has a color IPS OGS screen with good resolution and a general design very worked with ceramic body. In this smart watch we have IP67 protection that defends well in sports fields and resists immersions at 1 meter. Let’s see in our analysis how it behaves and whether it is worth it or not.
  • The Smartwatch KOSPET PRIME can be purchased in only for $133,99 ($127.57€) with free shipping.


Basic SpecsScreen: IPS OGS 1.6″ / 400×400
SoC: MTK6739 Quad Core 4x A53 @ 1.01GHz (64bit) / GPU PowerVR GE8100 / 28nm
System: Android 7.1.1 (32bit)
RAM and Storage: 3GB DDR3 / 32GB eMMC
Sensors: Heart rate /  Pedometer / Gyroscope / Vibration
Network: Wifi a/b/g/n + Bluetooth 4.0 / GPS + GLONASS / 4G-LTE modem
Cámaras y audio: 2MP face unlock / 8MP lateral / Microphone / Speaker
Expansion: nanoSIM
Autonomy: 1260 mAh Litio-Ion (3 days approx.)
Protection: IP67 (1m)
Materials and measures: Plastic and ceramic / 274 x 51 x 17.5 mm / 83 gr.
Compatible: Android 4.4 / iOS 7.1 or superior / Google Fit / Apple


The KOSPET PRIME comes in a white cardboard box with the name of the brand on the top, inside we found the smartwatch, screw tool, microUSB charge cable, magnetic charge dock and a Manual.


The KOSPET PRIME Smartwatch has a sporty design and follows the lines of this type of products, we have a round screen with shiny metal frame, under a ceramic body and at the bottom another metal cover. A watch with quite large dimensions of 274 x 51 x 17.5 mm and a weight of 83 gr that we will certainly notice when carrying it.

The screen in this model is an IPS OGS of diameter 1.6″ with resolution 400×400 pixels with a touch button that allows to change between the functions of the menus. The screen is read indoors perfectly and outdoors is where we have difficulty reading it, but It also defends quite well.

The KOSPET PRIME Smartwatch comes by default with a fairly large silicone bracelet with adjustments for all types of wrists, a bracelet that can be easily replaced. On the perimeter of the clock we have two cameras, a 2MP front with face unlock function and on the other side 8MP, on the sides of the cameras we have a power button and an extra control button for Android. We also have a microphone, speaker and integrated vibration system.

In the back we have the four charging points, barometer, heart rate reader and trapdoor to access the nanoSIM slot. This IP67 certified design is submersible and allows us to theoretically swim with this watch, in the measurement modes of the app there is no swimming. The magnetic charging dock fixes the watch quite comfortably and easily and connects to any charger using the supplied microUSB cable.


Control display

On the KOSPET PRIME watch screen we have basic information and we can change the design among countless options. Normally in the watch we have battery, time, time and sports activity information. We have 4-way gestures that give us direct access to different functions, left notifications, below shortcuts to system functions, top sports measurements and right system settings and apps.

The IPS OGS screen has a diameter of 1.6″ and a resolution 400×400, the image is clear and crystal clear. As is logical in this round screen design the keys or buttons at the ends are not very accessible and we will have to take it into account if we want to use it like a normal smartphone.

Cameras, microphone and speaker

Integrated into the framework of the KOSPET PRIME we have two cameras, on the front a fairly simple 2MP that allows us to perform facial unlocking of the clock and on the front side we have another 8MP with a rather better quality as you can see in the samples. The facial unlocking can be activated by turning the wrist and then tapping on the screen to skip the unlock pattern, an unlock icon appears, when we detect we can interact with the clock, if not only we will see the time.

  • Microphone and speaker: Basic but functional quality for calling, listening to audio and recording ambient audio.


In the KOSPET PRIME watch we have Android 7.1.1 operating system in a modified version to use on a round screen with these dimensions and resolution, the settings are simple to use. We have multiple configuration options for energy saving, screen brightness and shortcuts to all installed functions or apps.

  • System: Android 7.1.1 32bit
  • Languages and Google Play: All the international Android classics languages / Google Play installed.
  • Support: The system is updated by OTA and seems to have support from KOSPET.

Control app

Although the KOSPET PRIME can be controlled autonomously, we can install the WiiWatch 2 management app for Android or iOS from the official stores of each system. On the main screen we have access to several sections, we have an overview of our activities, in the Health section the graphs of physical activity are shown and in the Mark option we have countless designs for our clock screen.

  • App for smartphones available on Android or iOS.
  • It has support to unlock mobiles with Smart Lock.

Within the Set up icon we have all the system settings, we can activate different reminders, hand control screen control, music control, auxiliary input and access to the firmware update. We also have access to the 9 different sports modes, all these settings are available directly on the Smartwatch.


Inside the KOSPET PRIME watch we have a 1260 mAh lithium battery, in a moderate use of the screen (we recommend deactivating the automatic ignition when turning the wrist) it can take us about 2-3 days with a single charge, if we use it intensely with GPS and sensors it may take less than 1 day, the recharge is approximately 2 hours on a PC and if we change the heart rate meter from automatic to manual we will gain days of autonomy. The control app does not imply problems in the battery of our mobile, so we have checked.

Integrated sensors, modem and GPS

On the back of the KOSPET PRIME we have a heart rate monitor, it goes into continuous mode when we choose a sport activity profile, we can change it to manual mode to save battery. We also have a pedometer and inclination sensor to detect wrist movement. The integrated 4G-LTE modem is quite complete and as we can see we even have the B20 band. At GPS level we have good results and accuracy is good.

  • Heart rate monitor: continuous measurement in sport mode and punctual programmable in normal mode.
  • Modem: FDD-LTE: B1/2/3/5/7/8/12/17/20, GSM B2/3/5/8, TD-SCDMA B34/B39, TDD-LTE B38/39/40/41 , WCDMA: B1/2/5.
















  • Nice design
  • GPS and 4G modem
  • Good screen
  • Full Android 7.1
  • Two cameras


  • Size and weight, not for everyone


After review the KOSPET PRIME watch for a few days we can say that we are facing an interesting product if we need device of this type. As we see the volume of this Smartwatch is quite large and the weight is remarkable, but we are before an all-in-one device that we can use independently as if it were a small Smartphone. We must also take into account its autonomy and the need to recharge every few days, fortunately the magnetic recharge dock system is quite easy to use.

The KOSPET PRIME Smartwatch surprises above all for its design and metal body with ceramic case, in addition the screen looks great and the Android 7.1 system moves smoothly inside this small device. The core of the watch has IP67 protection, a 4G-LTE modem and GPS that allows us to take it anywhere to play sports to be connected.

In general, KOSPET PRIME is a highly recommended product if we are looking for an all-in-one watch with many functions focused on sport, if we need total autonomy and a certain style of clothing it can be a good option.

Where to buy

  • The Smartwatch KOSPET PRIME can be purchased in only for $133,99 ($127.57€) with free shipping.


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Thats i just piece of crap only work one month and you cant charge it its really fake crap and the costumer service is very bad bad bad OMG

richard lumb

if you be bothered to wipe clean the terminals and pads on the watch and charger you may find it does charge – it shows a charging icon when connected to the magnetic base,, which is not foolproof, i have to wiggle until it shows the charge icon.
My watch has a problem with the sound chip when its cold, off the wrist overnight, but i will take it apart and have the guys at work to reflow the ics

Last edited 1 year ago by richard lumb