REVIEW: KUGOO S1 a complete and affordable electric scooter

Today we present a review of the electric scooter KUUGO S1, a product that we have not seen before on our website at the analysis level but that is very popular and is one of the star products of the Geekbuying store. A sturdy scooter and with quite interesting advantages over its rivals for the price. We have a very complete LCD screen with all the status information of the scooter and we have solid wheels that avoid punctures. Let’s see how this electric scooter is in the analysis we dedicate.
  • KUUGO S1 can be purchased in only for €239.99 ($268) with free shipping from Europe with the coupon GKB305S
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Model KUGOO S1
Basic Specs Speed: Three modes, 15KM / H; 25KM / H; 30KM / H
Battery: 36V 6000mAh / 42V 1.5A 63W / 4 hours charge.
Autonomy: 30 Km
Motor power: 350W
Protection: IP54
Wheels: 8.0″ solid non-slip.
Damping: Front spring.
Brakes: Engine / Rear pedal.
Weight: 11Kg
Support: 120 Kg / 15º inclination
Control: Front panel LCD screen.
Lights: Front LED / rear LED.
Use measures: 1050 x 450 x 930/1070/1160 mm (Handlebar height)
Measures folded: 960 x 210 x 330 mm


The structure of the KUUGO S1 is mostly made of aluminum and has a fairly conventional and quite robust design. This model is foldable and has an LCD screen with all the information in real time of the use of the scooter, we have in this area the power button and two levers to accelerate/brake. The platform is quite wide and underneath it hides the system’s batteries.

In the front wheel we have the electric motor that also performs motor brake functions, at the top of this wheel we can see the spring shock absorber. At the rear we have a mechanical brake when tightening the fender and position or brake LED, we also have the locking hook in the folded position.

The wheels are solid 8″, this prevents us from having to repair punctures, they have a design and non-slip material to avoid slipping in the wet. On the handlebar axis we have three positions of height 930/1070/1160 mm and a locking hook. Under the main platform we have a small foot of support to support the scooter.



The KUUGO S1 handlebar has two handles that can be easily folded by pressing the two small bumps on the handles indicated how KG, we squeeze and stretch outwards. To deploy it, the rear wheel brake must be pressed, thus releasing the handlebar hitch.

The folding of the scooter can be tricky for us the first few times, we have two methods that we describe and that you can see in the following video.

  • Advance and stretch up the handlebar while pressing the pink pedal.
  • With the front wheel resting on a wall, push and press the pink pedal.

Screen and controls

The KUUGO S1 has a very clear LCD screen, we have the battery charge, the selected speed mode, maximum speed, relative travel time, distance traveled, lights and horn ignition system. The right lever serves as an accelerator and the left as a motor brake.


As for lighting, the KUUGO S1 has a frontal LED light with enough power but above all it serves to indicate our position, we can not expect it to illuminate like a car. At the rear we have a red position and brake light on the mechanical brake.

Speed and autonomy

This scooter has three speed modes that you can select on the buttons on the LCD screen, the speed limits are 15KM/H, 25KM/H and 30KM/H. As is logical at a higher speed, less travel autonomy, the weight of the user, the 36V 6000mAh battery also influences and gives us an autonomy of about 30 km. To charge it we have a 42V 1.5A / 63W transformer that can fill the battery In about 4 hours to charge.

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As we have seen, the KUUGO S1 is undoubtedly a very interesting electric scooter, a worthy rival of the Xiaomi M365 model that offers us good performance for those who want an alternative. Undoubtedly the most interesting points are its LCD screen that offers complete information in real time and its 8-inch solid wheels that seem to us a better solution than the camera wheels that can suffer punctures.

The KUUGO S1 is quite robust and somewhat heavy, the folding system has a certain trick and we recommend following the steps indicated. At the level of autonomy you have nothing to envy to other models, the battery life is correct for daily use as always depending on the speed, weight and inclination of the route.

Undoubtedly, the KUUGO S1 is an electric scooter very interesting for its price, an alternative to more conventional skates that gives us some strengths that differentiate it from the competition.

Where to buy

  • KUUGO S1 can be purchased in only for €239.99 ($268) with free shipping from Europe with the coupon GKB305S
  • More powerful alternatives:
    – KUUGO S1 Pro can be purchased in only for €289.99 ($324) from Europe with the coupon GKB306S
    – KUUGO ES2 can be purchased in only for €259.99 ($290) from Europe with the coupon GKB307S

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