REVIEW: Lightpack a new LED environmental backlight system for your TV

Lightpack is the LED backlight system that we present today in his review, a hardware with which we can put LED color backlight dynamically in our FullHD or UHD 4K TV screen.

Thanks to its HDMI HUB we can connect multiple input devices whether Android TV-Box, computers, projectors, laptops, consoles or any system with HDMI output and also has HDCP 2.2 support so we will not have any problem with the coding of the contents. Let’s see how works in this article.



Lightpack 2
Models: Lightpack HD for FullHD / Lightpack UHD for 4K.
Compatibility: Android TV-Box, XBox, PS, Nintendo, Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, PC, Mac …
Screen size: Up to 65 inches.
Ports input: 4x HDMI 2.0
Certificates: HDCP 2.2
Content: Lightpack Hub, 5m LED strip, 1.2m HDMI cable, 12V / 4A DC adapter, clips, connector, BT control.


The Lightpack is presented in a rather large box where we have all the necessary accessories to mount the device. We have the Lightpack Hub, 16.4ft (5m) RGB LED strip, 1.2m HDMI cable to connect to our TV, 12V 4A DC adapter, 20x clips to fix the led strip and cables, LED strip connector to the HUB and a remote control Bluetooth remote

Lightpack review

The HDMI HUB is the central piece of the Lightpack, in the upper part there is a blue shape that lights up when it is switched on and indicates that the HDMI connector is active of the 4 available. At the root of this design we have the only system button. The BT remote control is paired very easily, we have option to switch off / on, video input mode, Mods with different preset lighting environments and Inputs key where we can change the input port.

In the back of the Lightpack, we have the HDMI output that we have to connect to our screen, a connector for the LED strips and the port for the power adapter. In the back we have a sticker with the serial number and also a soft fabric that serves as a support in addition to anti-slip system.

The RGB LED strip of the Lightpack is conventional has points of light every 33mm, a system that needs 12V power as the one that is included by default. The strip comes with a rubber protection that also serves to fix it to the hooks that come by default in a simple way, in general it is very easy to use.

lightpack review n08 min


Start up

In the following video made by Lightpack you can see how the system is assembled very clearly, it is very simple and can be adapted to any screen size quickly.

  • Screen size adjustment: Maybe it is not necessary but if we need it we leave pressing the button Input of the control for two seconds and then we press in each corner when that area of the led strip lights up.
  • HDMI HUB button: Used to switch on / off or to change the HDMI input port.

Basic concepts about backlighting

The Lightpack backlight system, like other similar ones, allows us to represent the edges of the image we see on the screen with back lighting on the rear wall, this system helps to rest our eyes since we do not have to constantly focus on a fixed central point.

lightpack test n01 min

In addition, the screen size seems larger by extending the brightness of the image on the perimeter, a screen of 42″ seems to us a 50″ by the effect of external lighting. This system on the other hand can disturb or distract certain people, using it or not is something personal, usually the user quickly forgets the first impact and focuses on the screen.

lightpack test n02 min


We carried out several tests with the Lightpack on our TV with the system and observed that the LED lights perfectly interprets the colors that are reflected in the perimeter of the screen. In the corners is where we have less brightness by the curve of the led strip and the forced assembly, with some connectors in angle for the LED strip can be improved.

The response speed of the lights is good and we have a reliable representation of what we see on the screen, the separation between points of light on the led strip is enough to illuminate quite specific areas of the image. In general, a very pleasant system that allows us to rest our eyes by not focusing our eyes on a single fixed object.




After analyzing the Lightpack system we can say that we are facing a very interesting LED backlight system. The main HUB allows us to connect up to four different devices which allows multiple connectivity options, it is also compatible with any device including those with 4K UHD content.

Lightpack assembly is very simple, and you do not have to configure anything, just install the LED strips and make the connections as indicated. The hardware begins to copy by default everything that is displayed on the screen with a fairly high speed and fidelity. On the other hand it is necessary to indicate that we are still waiting for the technical service to respond, they are quite slow and as we see in the web they have information without updating.

In general we can say that Lightpack is a captivating system as a Ambilight type lighting that allows multiple connections, a high price system but we don’t have a lot of alternatives of this kind if we like it.

Where to buy Lightpack


Lightpack test

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