REVIEW: MECOOL K7 with triple tuner DVB-S2/T2/C and S905X2 SoC

MECOOL K7 is a new Android TV-Box model of which we present today his review, a TV-Box that has the new Amlogic S905X2 SoC and that integrates for the first time with this triple tuner processor DVB-S2/T2/C , a model that is presented as the successor to the popular Mecool KII and KIII Pro. This Smart Box has some interesting specifications and has the latest Android 9 Pie system by default. Let’s see in our review how this device behaves and how it defends itself regarding direct competition.
  • MECOOL K7 can be purchased in Geekbuying only for $125,99 (114€) with shipping cost with the coupon 3UDN6MBK.


Basic SpecsSoC: Amlogic S905X2 Quad Core Cortex-A53 (64bit) / GPU Mali-G31 MP2 / 4x ARM-A53 @ 1.5GHz / 12nm
System: Android 9 Pie (32bit)
RAM and storage: 4GB LPDDR4 – 64GB eMMC
Network: Wifi ac 2×2 MIMO + Bluetooth 4.2 (MTK7668RSN) / Ethernet Gigabit
Ports: HDMI 2.1 4K@75fps / Jack AV / SPDIF / USB 2.0 / USB 3.0 / MicroSD / Reset
Tuners: DVB-S2/T2/C
Extras: IR Remote control/ Cable HDMI / Manual / Adaptador DC 12V 1A
Materials and measures: Plastic / Frontal LED panel / 162 x 121 x 30 mm / 280 gr.


The MECOOL K7 comes in a standard cardboard box with the logo of the model on the top, inside we found the TV-Box, the IR remote control, HDMI cable 4K@60fps compatible, Manual, external antenna and a classic DC 12V 1A adapter.


The box of the MECOOL K7 is made of plastic and has a design where only the front LED display stands out with the time and the active channel in blue. On the sides and in the back area we have all the connectors in a classic configuration, the IR remote control has shortcut keys for the functions of the tuners and Android controls. Inside the AV jack we have the update button in case it is necessary to update the firmware, the update port is USB 2.0. On the motherboard we can see the Wifi ac 2×2 MIMO + Bluetooth 4.2 (MTK7668RSN) chip that has an external and internal Wi-Fi antenna.

  • Remote Control: Basic IR control / No microphone / No Flymouse / We can choose other alternatives.
  • Alternate control: Maybe we can control remotely using the app Cetusplay.


Environment and Android system

We connect the MECOOL K7 to the current and boots the default launcher based on shortcuts, we can customize the middle row by adding shortcut icons to the apps we want. In the installed apps TV Center stands out which is KODI and DTV to use the tuners. The performance of Android 9 is very good at desktop level or with basic apps and works well without forced closures of classic apps.

  • Launcher: We can change launcher but only Pixel launcher works 100% / Android UI rendering at 1080p.
  • Multitasking and access: Multitasking NOT available / NOT lower or notification bars.
  • Languages and Google Play: All the international Android classics / Google Play installed.
  • On/Off Controls: If we keep press the power button we have reset and power off option / Configurable in settings.
  • System version and root: Android 9 (32 bit) / The system IS root by default / NO menu to deactivate it in settings.
  • Support: This box don’t have website for direct support / Firmware available, NO OTA / Custom firmware not available

Network, storage, RAM and ports

The MECOOL K7 TV-Box has eMMC memory as internal storage, has a USB 3.0 port and SD card reader. In the network section you have a Wifi ac 2×2 MIMO + Bluetooth 4.2 (MTK7668RSN) and Ethernet Gigabit port connector. As we can see in the tests the results are good, we have a high Wifi speed and a fast internal memory.

  • Storage: Total 32GB  – Free 29GB / NTFS + exFAT compatible / Expandable with a USB memory stick.
  • RAM: Total 4GB – Free 3GB / LPDDR4.
  • Network: Good speed with one internal + external wifi antenna / Range 34 dBm, good. / Bluetooth OK.
  • We recommend reading our Tutorial SAMBA on Android networks if we are going to use files from our network PC.
USB 2.0USB 3.0microSDSATA
Read / Write22/17 MB/s110/36 MB/s18/19 MB/s

Power and performance

At the power level the MECOOL K7 has with the Amlogic S905X2 Quad Core SoC with ARM Cortex-A53 processors and in the graphic section a Mali-G31 MP2 GPU that is in the mid / low range. This SoC is manufactured in 12nm, has a fairly controlled power consumption and temperatures are low if we demand performance in powerful games. The case could be better with more vent holes, we recommend turning it upside down with the grilles facing up to facilitate the release of hot air if we want to improve ventilation.

  • Consumption: Off 0.9W / Standby 6W / Basic use 9.5W / Maximum 11W
  • Thermals: Minimum 40ºC / Maximum 73ºC / Maintains performance up to 91% / Heat zone on the top / Noise 0db
  • Games and emulators: IS possible to play titles such as PUBG with low settings / Emulators up to Wii / NO Vulkan support.
  • Controls: Compatible with Gamepads by cable or bluetooth.


Video playback test

In the video playback area the MECOOL K7 features the Amlogic S905X2 SoC and a VPU Amlogic TruLife Gen8 compatible with most modern video formats such as h.265 and VP9 with 4K HDR native resolution support and features an app for quality settings of video. We can use players like KODI or PLEX without the slightest problem, the system comes by default with a version of KODI full of addons that we recommend uninstalling. At the audio level we can play DD and DTS sound up to 5.1 through the HDMI port. Check our Amlogic S905X2 SoC Comparison against all SoCs to see more details about A/V aspects of this SoC.

Video results

h.264 / 1080i / 8bitFrameskip
h.264 / 1080p / 4K / 8bitOK
h.264 / 1080p / 10bit (anime)OK (SW)
h.265 / 1080p / 8bitOK
h.265 / 1080p / 10bit (anime)OK (SW)
h.265 / 4K / 8bitOK
h.265 / 4K / 10bit HDROK
VP9 P1 / 4K / 8bitOK
VP9 P2 / 4K / 10bit HDROK
VP9 P2 / 8K / 10bit HDRFrameskip
Max. Bitrate100 Mbps = 12,5 MB/s.
  • The maximum bitrate depends on the port used to connect or the limitations of SAMBA Networks.
  • SW = does not have hardware acceleration and may have have some frameskip in very heavy files.

Audio test results

FormatsDD / DTS 5.1DD+ / DTS MADD True / DTS HRDD Atmos / DTS X
HDMIOK / OKCoreCorePCM / Core*
OpticalOK / OKCoreCoreCore*
  • PCM – Stereo only doing downmix from DD or DTS
  • Core – Only the core of the format is played back with what we passed to the Dolby / DTS base system
    * Our AV receiver does not support these native formats but we verify that it is played back to 7.1

Streaming services

In our usual tests with streaming services we see how the most popular services work. The MECOOL K7 presents the classic configuration without certificates that limits us in quality in several streaming services, luckily it seems that if it is compatible with most services even if they are in their most basic SD quality

Streaming serviceVideo / AudioResultManual
YoutubeHD (720p) / StereoOK
Google Play MoviesHD (720p) / StereoOK
NetflixSD+ (540p) / StereoOK, installing the apk and needs a mouseNetflix on Android
HBOFullHD (1080p) / StereoOK, needs a mouseHBO on Android
Amazon Prime VideoSD (480p) / StereoOK, needs a mouseAmazon Prime video on Android
DAZNHD (720p) / StereoOK
IPTVFullHD (1080p) / StereoOK


Start-up and management

The TV-Box MECOOL K7 have installed DVB-T2DVB-S2 and DVB-C tuners, to manage and view content we have the DTV app, a very simple to use app that guides us throughout the process of putting March. When starting it, an installation assistant is shown where we select the system that we want to configure.

  • Installation: Complete configuration of DVB-S2 satellites and zones for DVB-T2 / C.
  • DVT Preferences: Management of PVR recordings, child control, network, A / V, EPG and favorites settings.
  • EPG: control of the EPG grid, programming from the grid, access by key on the remote control.
  • Channel manager: Channel management, favorites and recording schedule.

At the swap level between the different channels we have a good speed and we can access all the functions in a fluid way, the EPG list is updated normally. Within the list we can control our favorite channels to access quickly, we can not sort by channel number directly.

  • Channel management: Live list, EPG, Favorites and manager to schedule recordings.

Image and audio quality

We verify that at the reproduction level we have an excellent image quality and without jumps even in the 4K channels, the system is compatible with AC3 audio and we can listen to the content of those channels. From the app we can also record the playback content of the broadcast in its original quality up to 4K.

  • Image and audio quality: Up to 4K in playback and recording / Supports AC3 sound.


As usual in these devices we always have an option to activate servers that give us access to several services, in this case it is necessary to enter a code in the DTV app menu to see the extra options.

  • Within the Installation menu we must press six times 1 (111111) to display the Smart Data Manager menu.
















  • Triple tuner
  • Low thermals
  • Good wifi and storage
  • Stable Android 9
  • Powerful and good future


  • No Android Bars
  • Firmware can be improved


After analyzing the MECOOL K7 we can say that we are facing the direct successor of the classics KII or KIII Pro, a Box that is updated with the Amlogic S905X2 SoC. A device with enough hardware for multimedia use with players like KODI up to 4K, IPTV or to manage its three tuners. The Android 9 installed system behaves normally and runs smoothly thanks to the 4GB of RAM installed although the firmware still has things to polish and has room for improvement.

At the level of WiFi connectivity the MECOOL K7 is quite good thanks to its Wifi aC adapter with two antennas and the internal storage is also very fast. As for power we can play titles like PUBG in medium settings. The included remote control is very simple and can be used for basic apps like KODI or to control the TV app. The box is somewhat closed for a TV-Box with tuners and we recommend turning it upside down if we are going to use it intensively, even in normal position does not overheat thanks to the S905X2 SoC made in 12nm.

In short, the MECOOL K7 is a good TV-Box with tuners that takes the lead over previous models, also for sure it has an interesting future ahead with LibreELEC and custom Roms in no time.

Where to buy

  • MECOOL K7 can be purchased in Geekbuying only for $125,99 (114€) with shipping cost with the coupon 3UDN6MBK.


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I’m having a problem with DVBS on my Mecool k7, when I change channels the audio is ok but no picture.
If I switch in and out of the channel eventually on some channels come back but then it looks like the frames are buffering and the picture jumps around speeds up then play normally.
The same dish and my old box worked fine.
Other channels are Ok so it’s not all channels.
The signal quality is good.
Anyone seen the same problem.

Dr Lemon
Dr Lemon

Hi. I bought the Mecool k7. Having channels issues with frame rates jumping around. Another issue I have is the onboard keyboard does not work. I have tried some keyboards on Google play but they won’t play either. My firmware on box for Dtv is V1. 0 and the K7 OTA Version is 907001008 . Any help is appreciated.


Hello, can you recommend any good and low budget satellite for this device? I am from Pakistan.


Hi to all, i have brought a mecool K7. It is great product but it have a problem with CCCam (or DVB app?). With a working c-line the SAT channel became de-scrambled but the DTT channel still remain scrambled. I don’t understand if the problem is a misconfiguration of OScam or the DVB app as a problem with DTT channel. I have try the same c-line in a KII pro & KIII pro and they working well for all channel (SAT and DTT). I have compared the settings (via webif) and the settings are the same. Any idea to resolve/fix… Read more »


I have heard of people having trouble with the firmware on this box.
Has the firmware been improved or is the K7 still on the original firmware that the box was issued with ?


Hi. I have latest firmware. Did anyone managed automatic HDMI refresh rate (in Advanced Settings) to work (either with DTV DVB-T2 to 1080p50Hz or with Kodi-TV Center for some MKVs to 24/23.976 Hz) ?


new firmware(10-15-2019) does not support the AFRD Auto Frequency Recovery application


Hi, got box for one day and I’m not to happy with some features. Firstly box is fast. DVB-T2 picture is not perfect compering with “normal” TV, perhaps need tuning. Second and major issue. When watching video on Kodi and then switching to DVB-T2 kodi video is pausing (really nice feature) but TV video is missing, is like pushed to left only showing one narrow stripe on screen, about 1% of screen audio is working fine. Switching back to Kodi – Kodi is working normally, then back to DTV same situation. No video (or small part of video , audio… Read more »


Hi, bought this Box as a new replacement for my Mecool K1 Pro, but I am very unsatisfied because of Mecool K7 S2 tuner problem with some transponders which after scan looks like not working (signal is 0% – on the same antenna my K1 Pro shows this transponders very good) as an example : Hotbird transponders : 11449 and 12265. Do you observe such problems and have any solution – maybe it is TV app? Or hardware tuner problem? Can you help me?


Este K7 ¿puede exportar listas m3u de los canales de la parabolica?
Si no pudiera, ¿en un futuro se podria?
Con CoreElec ¿se puede exportar una lista m3u?


Hi, can you tell us which difference beetween k6 and k7? They are two different cpu, which one you advice, hisilicon or amlogic?
And about image quality, which is one is better? I read somewhere that hi3798mv200 has bad video quality in SD video, do you confirm this? Reding both review it seems you consider the hisilicon cpu better about image quality. Do you confirm?



K6 model had smartcard slot, does K7 support it? In Europe, there are 90% of channels encrypted, so having tuner would be pointless without smartcard slot.

Thank you,


Mirroring? Air play or miracast?
Any alternative to this box (considering the DVB and Android 9) ?

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