REVIEW: MINIX presents its new range of USB Type-C cables and hubs 2017

Today we present the review of cables and hubs USB Type-C connection of the brand MINIX, a wide range of connection options for all types of devices whether Android, Windows or Apple. In this analysis we will see that we offer this brand for Christmas 2017 where we have USB Type-C data or video cables, a Hub with three USB 3.0 ports and Gigabit Ethernet output in addition to a Hub designed for the Macbook Pro that offers connection Thunderbolt 3 with all its features. Some cables and hubs that as we see have a very careful design line as it happens with all devices of this brand, all these products are available in gray or silver with black or white cable. These cables and Hubs are compatible with the next mini PC of the brand, the MINIX NEO N42C-4 that we will analyze shortly.

MINIX NEO type c 2017 d02

General concepts

These USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 peripheral connection cables offer us the possibility of using our peripherals in any type of device that supports this standard connector USB Type-C, we can transmit data, video or audio with the same connector. In addition the connector is reversible with what we can connect without looking always right. The basic specifications of these cables are those that we can see in the following table.

table usb type c 2017 n01

Within the USB Type-C standard we have multiple forms of connection that allow us to perform other functions in addition to conventional data loading and transfer, the so-called Alternate mode. With these modes we can transmit different protocols by the same connector or add more information, all this means that the maximum bandwidth is distributed accordingly.

usb type c modes n02

MINIX, their new USB Cables and Hubs Type-C

As we can see in the review all these cables and HUB, the MINIX brand is still committed to a very careful design, products that with their aluminum finish and quality cables give a feeling in use away from simpler solutions.


As we can see in this USB 3.1 Gen 2 cable we have the Super Speed 10 seal that allows a transfer up to 10 Gbps, as well as complying with this transfer regulation to be able to use this cable for fast USB charging up to 20V 4.5A so we arrived almost up to 100W. In our speed tests on USB 3.0 we reached a speed of 190 MB/s in reading and 160 MB/s in writing on an SSD. The MINIX NEO C-MUC cable is also compatible with video + power connection between USB Type-C connectors, something that is gradually being extended to be used between a Macbook Pro or the new MINIX NEO N42C-4, for example use with compatible monitors like the LG 27UD88-W that reaches up to 4K resolution and allows to electrically power our computer and transmit the video signal.

  • The MINIX NEO C-MUC cable can be purchased at or for only $18.86 with shipping included.



Two cables that allow to output 4K video signal up to 60fps from our USB 3.1 Type-C compatible connector, in the case of the MINIX NEO C-HD cable we have a converter to HDMI 2.0 female connector in a short cable and the model MINIX NEO C-4K in a longer cable it offers us a HDMI 2.0 male connector. Two cables that do not need configuration and are compatible with 1080p and 720p modes which makes them compatible with Windows, Mac or ChromeOS, in our case we have not observed any problem in their use.



With the MINIX NEO C-UE hub we can significantly expand the connection capabilities of our Macbook Pro or any device with USB Type-C support, we have a bandwidth of up to 5 Gbps that is distributed among the connected USB devices. In our speed tests on USB 3.0 we reached a speed of 182 MB/s in reading and 154 MB/s in writing on an SSD, in the Gigabit Ethernet connector we reached a similar number to those given by this type of adapters.

  • The MINIX NEO C-UE cable can be purchased at or from $35.68 with shipping included.



With the MINIX NEO C-D hub is designed especially for the new Macbook Pro, as we see it connects to its side to the two USB Type-C ports and thanks to the power of Thunderbolt 3 allows us to have multiple connectors. We have HDMI 1.4 video output with 4K resolution up to 30fps, Thunderbolt 3 port (in the lightning icon), two USB 3.0 ports, USB Type-C charging port, micro SD and SD card reader.

  • The MINIX NEO C-D cable can be purchased at or for only $88.45 with shipping included.


As we can see the HDMI connector is left in the back which allows us to connect the output cable easily to our monitor. The design of this device is very careful and fits with the overall design of the Macbook Pro.



As we see MINIX offers us a new range of cables and Hubs for USB Type-C ports that maintain the design line of this brand, in this selection of products we have options for all types of connections. Some this products use the features of the alternative modes of transfer of the USB Type-C and allow us in addition to sending data opt for electric charge on the same cable or video transfer up to 4K@60fps. This range of devices is a good option if we are thinking of expanding our connection options on compatible devices such as Macbook Pro, Windows computers with USB 3.1 or Thunderbolt 3 controllers or Chromebooks with this type of connectors. Step by step as we will see how this connectors they are implanted in the market.

MINIX NEO type c 2017 d01

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