REVIEW: Onikuma K5 a headset with attractive gaming design

ONIKUMA Gaming Heads 7.1 K5 are the headphones of which today we present their review or analysis, a product of the Onikuma brand that is specialized in this sector of products. With the explosion of the eSports the market recently have a great interest in this tkind of products, with today’s review we will see how these headphones behave that offer interesting features at a reasonable price, without a doubt a product that attracts attention for its Gaming design.

  • Onikuma K5 can be purchased at the official Onikuma store on Amazon for only  $27.99 (€ 23.99) with free shipping

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Model Onikuma K5-N
Conexión Meshed cable, 6.5 ft (2 m)
Jack + Double jack adpter
UBS for led light
Speakers Size: 50mm
Impedance: 16Ω15%
Sensibility: 114dB3dB
Microphone Mobility: Rotary and flexible
Impedance: 2.2K Ω
Sensibility: -36dB1dB
Compatibility PC, Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox (one with adapter)
Lights Blue lighs headphones and flexible microphone
Measures 8.3 x 4.4 x 7.3 inches (17 x 12,5 x 6,5 cm)
Weight 3.52 ounces (400 g)

Package content

The Onikuma K5 headphones come in a large box with the product inside a bag, along with them we have a fairly complete manual that tells us the main connection options available.

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Device description

The Onikuma K5 headphones have a classic design within this sector, we have the headphones in metallic color with touches of blue, an arm for the rotary microphone, 6.5 ft (2 m) meshed cable with the audio jack and the USB connector.

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The level of finishes is quite good for the price of the product, it looks quite strong, in the upper headband we have a good piece of foam although the extension stroke of the headphones is somewhat short but enough if we do not have a giant head.

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On the sides of the Onikuma K5 we have brand logos in blue and at the ends of the microphone a blue strip that light up when connecting the USB adapter that we have in the connection cable, it is simply a touch of Gaming color.

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The 50mm headphones have a very good padding that isolates us a lot from the outside world, the touch and pressure of these parts are correct and do not tire in the long term, the weight of 3.52 ounces (400 grams) makes long sessions endurable.

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In the Onikuma K5 cable we have a volume control system that works by means of a wheel, we can take them to total silence quickly and in this same adapter we have a switch to deactivate the integrated microphone.

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The cable of 6.5 ft (2 m) of the helmets has a pleasant fabric finish, comes standard with a Velcro strip to collect the remaining length, in the audio jack we have an adapter to divide the signals into two jacks if necessary.

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Test bench and compatibility

The Onikuma K5 headphones have a fairly high power without distortion thanks to their 50mm speakers, they have good impedance, sensitivity and frequency range, together with the isolation of the pads we have a good level of immersion.

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For the 7.1 audio system we have an audio processor that emulates the spatial positioning, as is logical we can play 7.1 audio content but with downsample to stereo. The microphone behaves quite well and the results are positive although it does not have excellent ranges.

  • Compatibility: Xbox with adapter / PC – Mac / PS4 – Vita / Android – iOS / Nintendo

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  • Attractive gaming design
  • Comfortable padding
  • Speakers and microphone at a good level
  • Economic


  • A little short the track of the headband


The Onikuma K5 headphones as we have seen are fairly well balanced for his price and their audio quality, the headphones are quite powerful and the microphone gives acceptable results to be able to speak in a gaming session, the padding fulfills the ergonomic and isolation functions correctly. The gaming design is quite attractive and the blue leds give it a cool touch. On the other the cable with good finish is long enough, we also have with direct volume and microphone controls. In general, an interesting product for the price, the specifications and the general quality of its materials.

Where to buy

  • Onikuma K5 can be purchased at the official Onikuma store on Amazon for only  $27.99 (€ 23.99) with free shipping

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My son LOVES this headset. Got it for him for Christmas, he says its comfy and he can hear very well


I like it!