REVIEW: W10 GYRO, a fly mouse with keyboard designed for Windows

W10 GYRO is the fly mouse with keyboard from Pepper Jobs, which we present today its review, a device that can be found in the online store. This remote is designed specifically for the Windows operating system and brings a large number of special features for this environment. A model that stands out for its compact size and the number of functions it groups. Let’s see how it is defended in our review.

  • The flymouse W10 Gyro for now can be purchased on Amazon for only $25 with shipping included.



ModelW10 GYRO
Basic SpecsCommunication: 2.4Ghz radio frequency with USB adapter up to 10 meters.
Materials and weight: Plastic / 76.3 g.
Battery and Autonomy: 2x AAA Batteries / Months with auto off.
Keyboard: QWERTY in English / Key size 8×6 mm / Spacing 10 mm.
Fly mouse: Yes with 6 axes.
Trackpad, IR and lighting: Without trackpad / Function copied IR / WITH illumination.
Systems: Windows 10.
Content: USB 2.4GHz / Handheld RF Adapter / Manual in English.


The W10 GYRO remote control is a double-sided fly mouse, on the one hand we have custom controls for Windows 10 and multimedia playback while on the other side we have a full QWERTY keyboard. The control comes in a box with sober design following the style of this brand and a complete manual in English.

The keyboard works by means of two AAA batteries and to connect it we need to use the adapted USB 2.4Ghz RF (scope up to 10 meters) included that hides in the area of the batteries. Obviously, it is not compatible with devices that only communicate via Bluetooth and we need an OTG cable for the USB adapter.


Keyboard, configuration and autonomy

The W10 GYRO connects to any computer with Windows 10 by means of its RF adapter, the keyboard works without more and does not need to install anything. The keyboard is comfortable within its small size and the feeling when you click on the keys is nice, the set is quite rigid. The autonomy can reach months thanks to the system of auto power-off of and also has illumination by both faces when pressing some key.

  • Key dimensions: Key size 8×6 mm / Spacing 10 mm.
  • Re-pair: Press OK + File explorer for 3 seconds and reconnect USB adapter.
  • Calibrate sensor: Press Right and Left at the same time for 3 seconds, when flashing leave the control on a flat surface.
  • Adjust sensitivity: Press OK + Vol- to slow down and OK + Vol + to accelerate, there are 4 speed modes.

Fly mouse and multimedia keyboard

In this model we have a six-axis Fly mouse with good precision, to activate it we can do it from the pointer icon key, it is also activated or deactivated automatically if we change face. Within the multimedia functions we have two modes one for Windows 10 and another for TV where we can copy keys of another command. In Windows 10 mode we have access to different system functions, crosshead and multimedia controls that we can use for example in KODI.

Copying IR commands

This remote has option of copying IR commands of another remote, we can perform this easily. Pressing the TV key for 3 seconds the status LED changes intensity, this indicates that we are in learning mode, press the key of the W10 GYRO that we want to change and then with the control of our TV to 3 cm press the key that we want to copy. We repeat the step by pressing another key of the W10 and the source remote.



W10 GYRO _













  • Compact
  • Good design with light
  • Multiple functions
  • IR copy feature
  • Precise gyroscope


  • Designed only for Windows


After testing the W10 GYRO control we can say that we are facing a pretty well designed fly mouse remote, we have a very compact device with many integrated functions of direct control for Windows, multimedia and also a full QWERTY keyboard. The fly mouse system is quite efficient and we have a high precision that we can adjust in acceleration, the lighting system is appreciated to see it in the dark and we also have a function of key copying by the IR system that allow us to use it to integrate functions of other controls.

We can say that the fly mouse W10 GYRO is a product that performs well its functions, especially if we are looking for a remote aimed at controlling a mini PC with Windows 10 like the Pepper Jobs GLK-UC2X. You can compare this model with others that Peripherals that we recommend in our shopping guide.


  • The flymouse W10 Gyro for now can be purchased on Amazon for only $25 with shipping included.

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