REVIEW: Shuttle XPC slim DS10U, Intel Whiskey Lake fanless computer

Shuttle XPC slim DS10U is a new fanless mini PC of the Shuttle brand of which we present today in his review. This compact PC integrate an  eighth generation Intel Whiskey Lake processors that allows you to expand your internal storage with an M.2 disk or a 2.5″ SATA drive and has 2x SODIMM RAM DDR4, has three video outputs, two of them up to 4K@60fps A product valid for desktop, HTPC but above all is intended for professional industrial uses such as digital signage, let’s see how this device behaves in our usual review.


ModelShuttle XPC slim DS10U 
Basic SpecsProcessor: Intel Celeron 4205U Dual Core 1.8GHz / GPU Intel HD Graphics 610 / 15W TDP / 14 nm
Optional processor: Intel Core i3-8145U, i5-8265U, i7-8565U (USB 3.1 Gen 2)
System: Windows 10 / Linux (Not included)
RAM: 2x SODIMM DDR4 2400MHz Max.32GB (Not included)
Storage: M.2 SATA3 / 2.5″ SATA (Not included)
Network: Wifi ac + BT 4.2 (Realtek RTL 8821CE) / 2x Ethernet Gigabit (Intel i211+i219LM)
Ports: 2x USB 2.0 / 4x USB 3.1 Gen 1 / HDMI 2.0a / DP / VGA / 2x Jack audio / SD / RS232 / Kensington lock
Extras: DC 19V 3.42A / 2x Wifi Antennas / VESA support / Manual / Vertical support
Materials and measures: Metal and plastic / Frontal Leds / 200x165x 39.5 mm / 420 gr.


The Shuttle XPC slim DS10U comes in a standard cardboard box with the image and logo of the device, inside we found the Mini PC, power cable, Manual, VESA support, Vertical supports, fixing screws, two wifi antennas, drivers CD and a DC 19V 3.42 adapter.


The Shuttle XPC slim DS10U has a robust and flexible design, has side perforations and easily accessible hatches to access storage and RAM. On the front we have two status LED, USB ports, audio jacks and SD reader, in the back area we have the rest of the connectors where its triple video output and the two Gigabit Ethernet connectors stand out. We have two external antennas and a 4 pin connector to clean CMOS, power on or power 5V. Together with the mini PC we have a VESA 75/100 support that attaches to its sides.

We can disassemble the two covers on the lower zone in a very simple way, one for two SODIMM RAM ranks and the M.2 disk, another for the 2.5″ SATA disk. In the part that is in the upper area we have the CPU with its heatsink to evacuate hot air up, a well thought out and practical design.

  • Networks: Wifi ac + BT 4.2 (Realtek RTL 8821CE) / 2x Ethernet Gigabit (Intel i211+i219LM)
  • Expansions: 1x M.2 2280-2260-2242 / 1x SATA 2.5″ / 1x M.2 Wifi installed.
  • Extras: VESA support / Vertical support


Environment and user experience

We boot up the Shuttle XPC slim DS10U pressing the front button of the box, we have mounted two DDR4 2400MHz RAM modules and an SSD disk to install Windows 10 Pro 64bit that is configured without problems. The system moves correctly thanks to the Intel Celeron 4205U processor and it is possible to load a good number of navigation tabs without loss of performance. A perfectly valid computer for office automation, multimedia although if we want more power the superior models with Core-i3 / i5 / i7 processors are a good alternative to take into account.

  • Support: Shuttle has its own website and contact email to send our queries.
  • BIOS: Access by pressing ESC / Classic AMI BIOS key in text mode.
  • Power On: Auto Power-ON, WOL, S3 suspended mode and programming on with RTC.
  • Other systems: Compatible with Ubuntu / Compatible LibreELEC for PC

Networks, Storage, RAM and Ports

As for network adapters in the Shuttle XPC slim DS10U mini PC, we have a wireless Wifi aC + BT 4.2 adapter (Realtek RTL 8821CE) and two Gigabit Ethernet ports (Intel i211 + i219LM). We can also mount two SODIMM RAM DDR4 2133MHz modules (2400MHz on Core-i3 / i5 / i7 models) in Dual Channel configuration. We pass speed tests on our 2.5″ SATA3 disk installed by default and observe that it behaves normally, it can also be expanded with an M.2 2280/2260/2242 drive with SATA3 protocol.

Processor, performance and thermal

Installed in the Shuttle XPC slim DS10U mini PC we find an Intel Celeron 4205U processor with two cores and two threads running between 1.5 and 2.6 GHz and an Intel HD Graphics 610 GPU up to 800 MHz with 12 EU. This chip has a maximum consumption of 15 W TDP, the results are fine within the Whiskey Lake family although as we see it is at the level of its generation model similar as the Intel Celeron J5005. Naturally, this processor have less performance in the multi core aspect against the Quad Core. A mini PC that works perfectly for browsing, multimedia playback with KODI, use of office automation at the user level and even with good design applications.

  • If you want to know some of the models in this comparative you can read their detailed reviews on this link.

The performance of the integrated fanless cooling system is excellent and we have a controlled temperature at all times even in high load task, without doubt one of the best mini PC we see in this area.

  • Power Consumption: Off 0.8W / Standby 6.4W / Basic use 13W / Maximum 21W.
  • Thermal: Minimum 40ºC / Maximum 43ºC / No heat zones.
  • Performance: Maintains performance up to 100% / Max 1.8GHz.
  • Noise: 0db cooling is fanless.
  • Overclock: Available but we do not recommend touching the BIOS.


We passed our usual game performance test in the Shuttle XPC slim DS10U, in this model we have the classic results in the line of this type of products, the Intel HD Graphics 610 GPU is perfectly valid for simple games such as those we can find in Android phones downloading them from the Microsoft Store. At the level of emulators at the most we stay in some simple Wii titles. We can also play smoothly 3D light games like LoL or similar, not enough power to play AAA games with demanding 3D.

  • GTA V / Overwatch / Fortnite / PUBG Lite: Low settings, 720p resolution and no VSync. / PUBG Lite configuration guide.
  • LOL / CS:GO: Low settings, 1080p resolution and no VSync.
    *On models with powerful discrete GPU settings in medium and 1080p resolution


Playback test

In the video playback aspect the Shuttle XPC slim DS10U mini PC with the integrated Intel HD Graphics 610 have a VPU with hardware support for the HEVC codec and for basic VP9, in this processor we have support for 10bit color video and also HDR although we can reproduce it in basic color quality since Gemini Lake does not have HDR with native support. This mini PC is perfectly valid as a multimedia system to use KODI or PLEX.

Video test

h.264 / 1080i / 8bitOK
h.264 / 1080p / 4K / 8bitOK
h.264 / 1080p / 10bit (anime)OK (SW)
h.265 / 1080p / 8bitOK
h.265 / 1080p / 10bit (anime)OK
h.265 / 4K / 8bitOK
h.265 / 4K / 10bit HDROK
VP9 P1 / 4K / 8bitOK
VP9 P2 / 4K / 10bit HDRLittle frameskip
VP9 P2 / 8K / 10bit HDRFrameskip
Max. Bitrate60 Mbps = 7,5 MB/s
  • * The maximum bitrate depends on the internal storage, usb port, Ethernet adapter or the limitations with our SAMBA Network.
  • SW = does not have hardware acceleration and may have have some frameskip in very heavy files.

Audio test

FormatDD / DTS 5.1DD+ / DTS MADD True / DTS HRDD Atmos / DTS X
  • PCM – Stereo only doing downmix from DD or DTS
  • Core – Only the core of the format is played back with what we passed to the Dolby / DTS base system
    * Our AV receiver does not support these native formats but we verify that it is played back to 7.1

Streaming services

In the streaming aspect the Shuttle XPC slim DS10U mini PC with the most popular streaming services we pass some test for Youtube, Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video and others with their native apps or using the most compatible browser. You can consult our guides where we explain in detail all the best known streaming services, how to configure them and what requirements are necessary to see content in HD or 4K quality

Streaming serviceVideo / AudioResultManual
Youtube4K (2060p) / 5.1OK
NetflixFullHD (1080p) / 5.1OKNetflix for PC
HBOFullHD (1080p) / StereoOKHBO for PC
Amazon Prime VideoHD (720p) / StereoOKAmazon Prime video for PC 
DAZNHD (720p) / StereoOK
IPTVFullHD (1080p) / StereoOK



Shuttle XPC slim DS10U













  • Compact and robust
  • Fanless with good thermal
  • Triple video output and 4K60fps
  • 2x Ethernet Gigabit + Wifi ac
  • Ideal for industry or digital signage


  • A bit expensive for the domestic sector


Once reviewed the new fanless Shuttle XPC slim DS10U mini PC we can say that we have a very well designed computer with an excellent fanless cooling system. This small computer that can be valid for home use, industrial environments or for digital signage thanks to its triple video output, as it includes several options for remote power-up and system recovery with automatic power-up. This Shuttle that also comes by default with VESA support, Kensington lock and quick maintenance with their hatches and external jumpers.

In the mini PC Shuttle XPC slim DS10U in its barebone format allows us to install an M.2 2280 disk or a conventional 2.5″ SATA3 disk, we can also mount 2 DDR4 RAM modules to work in Dual Channel format so we can expand it easily. Also highlights the inclusion of two Gigabit Ethernet ports and a Wifi aC adapter with two external antennas to ensure good range.

In short, the Shuttle XPC slim DS10U is a fanless mini PC that can fit into a desktop use, but stands out for his use in digital signage or industrial environments. A computer designed to last and work with confidence.

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