REVIEW: Silverstone SST-ES02-PCIE a remote power-on system for PC

Today we present the review of a peculiar device, it is the remote ignition system Silverstone ES02-PCIE a product that fits within the catalog of components of “DIY Parts” of this brand. An interesting solution if we want to remotely turn on or off our PC with the remote controller that is included by default, this model works with radio frequency so we do not have to point directly and can fit into a PCIe x1 slot.

  • The Silverstone ES02-PCIE system can be purchased at for only $29.99.
  • The Silverstone ES02-USB system can be purchased at for only $22.99.

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Model Silverstone ES02-PCIe
Connection PCIe 1x low profile – 4.72″ (W) x 0.83″ (H) x 2.68″ (D)
RF 2.4 GHz
Emisions 3.76dBm max.
Range 65 ft
Battery CR2032
Others Internal speaker
Status led
Reset button
Content PCIe and 1/2 PCIe backplate
Y jumper cable
Remote controller for on/off or reset


The Silverstone ES02-PCIE card and control comes in a small cardboard box where we find the well-protected components, we also have the Y cable that we have to connect to the jumpers on our motherboard and bridge the card. We also have a screwdriver to open the remote control, manual, remote control, PCB plate and the two PCIe and 1/2 PCIe fixing plates.

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Product Details

The Silverstone SST-ES02-PCIe card is available as a low-profile PCIe 1x with a size of 120 x 21 x 68 mm, a card that can be inserted in any box that has a PCIe slot available in full or medium size, if we do not have PCIe slot available because we use an HTPC chassis we can choose the same model in USB format.

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On the board we can see at one end the small speaker that is activated by default and that we can disable with the jumper that we have just below, it is advisable to leave it activated at the beginning to check that the system works. On the board we also have a status LED that gives us information about the connection.

In remote control the Silverstone SST-ES02-PCIe reminds us an usual remote like we can have in any car, inside we have a button battery CR2032 that we can change easily, in the front we have a button to turn on and off and a reset option. We also have a status LED that tells us if we have pressed the control keys or not.

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Connecting the Silverstone SST-ES02-PCIe is very simple, we just have to remove the power and reset cables from the jumpers on our motherboard, connect the Y cable jumpers that are included and then make the bridge to the card. To reconnect the control with the board we have a reset button next to the built-in speaker. It is recommended to deactivate the “USB standby” option in our BIOS if we have a functioning problem.

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At first the Silverstone SST-ES02-PCIe card will emit a sound when using the remote control, then we can deactivate this noise by moving the jumper on the board, the status LED will flash on the board as well. As we have verified the system works without problems with a good range, without walls by means we can reach 20 meters, with a wall by means of the next room can also work. This device is not compatible with Logitech Harmony because this system can not be connected to other devices by RF.

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As we see the device Silverstone SST-ES02-PCIe is a good alternative to integrate a remote ignition system very easily, we have optionally another alternative with USB connection if we have no option to connect a PCIe card. This device has a good range of action and works without the slightest problem. The hardware looks well built and has enough configuration options to know if everything is working correctly. Within this sector of remote power-on we do not have so many simple and well designed options, it is a shame that it is not compatible with Logitech Harmony and we hope that in the future we have another version that is. For now for the price we think it is a recommendable device.


  • The Silverstone ES02-PCIE system can be purchased at for only $29.99.
  • The Silverstone ES02-USB system can be purchased at for only $22.99.

Silverstone SST ES02 PCIE review d02

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Jim Baker

looks like this is still being sold. how does this compare to computers that have wake on lan and wake on keyboard key? the usb version is useless now since many motherboards no longer come with usb 2.0 9 pin connectors.


Thank you for this great review. I was hoping that this would works with a Logitech Harmony remote but apparently it doesn’t. Do you have a recommendation for a PCle Power On/Off system like this one, but which works with the Logitech Harmony.
Thank you

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