REVIEW: Teclast M89 with 7.9-inch screen and MT8176 Hexa Core SoC

Teclast M89 is the tablet of which we will see today in its review, a new model that integrates the powerful Hexa core MediaTek MT8176 SoC, a very widespread processor in all types of tablets. This processor allows us to play with the most demanding titles in Android and move the environment of the system smoothly. This tablet integrates a memory of 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage, it has ac Wi-Fi, a metal body with a very compact design and a high quality IPS OGS screen. Let’s see in the following review how this new tablet performs and what opinion deserve.
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Model Teclast M89 
Basic Specs SoC: MediaTek MT8176 Hexa core / GPU PowerVR GX6250
2x ARM-A72 @ 2.1GHz / 4xARM-A53 @ 1.7GHz
System: Android 7.1 (64bit)
RAM and Storage: 3 GB DDR3 / 32 GB eMMC
Screen: 7,9″ / 2048 x 1536 /  4:3
Network: Wifi ac / BT 4.0
Cameras: frontal 5MP / trasera 8MP
Batery: 4840mAh
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The Teclast M89 tablet is made of glass and has a unibody metal body. The front part has very narrow frames on the sides, a model that reflects quality in its finishes and conveys good feelings.

  • Measurements and weight: 7.83 x 5.35 x 0.29 inches (199 x 136 x 7.4 mm) / 0.88 lb (400 gr.)
  • Materials: Crystal, plastic and aluminum unibody. Integrated magnetic closure.
  • Interfaces: Microphone, Speakers, Volume, Power, audio jack, microSD, USB Type-C OTG and charge.
  • Micro HDMI: It works correctly but the output is always in 4:3 format and reduces the viewing area on a TV.
  • Cameras: rear 8 MP with flash / front 5MP.
  • Speakers and microphone: Two but only in mono and high volume with little distortion. Basic microphone.
  • Vibration and LEDs: No vibration. Load LED


The screen of the Teclast M89 looks pretty good indoors but does not have enough brightness to look good outdoors, this is a product for domestic use that has a good image quality in that area.

  • Size: IPS OGS 7.9″ Inches, resolution 2048 x 1536, 4:3 format, Gorilla Glass glass surface.
  • Light power: Manual brightness. Valid for interiors. No leakage of light on the sides.
  • Viewing angles: Correct IPS type.
  • Tactile precision: High precision and sensitivity.
  • Extras: Mediatek image control app in settings and quick access bar.


The cameras of the Teclast M89 tablet are basic and as always in this type of products we can not expect great results in the image quality, something that we can see in the results.

  • Rear camera: Sensor with 8 MP resolution, basic autofocus and HDR mode. Muted colors.
  • Front camera: 5MP sensor. Little definition and color.


Environment and user experience

We turn on the Teclast M89 tablet and observe that we have Android 7.1 (64bit) without any customized layer, the system moves with agility and we can use any app without problems thanks to its powerful Hexa core Mediatek MT8176 SoC.

  • Installed apps: basic ones only, recorder and google play
  • Languages: English and all the international Android languages
  • Multitasking: changing apps and split screen
  • Root: the system is NOT root

System, support and store apps

If we enter at the Android settings in the Teclast M89 we can see that we have the brand new Android 8.0 settings, we do not find any customization layer or special options.


Storage and RAM Memory

We perform our usual memory tests and internal storage in the Teclast M89 using the SD bench app, we can expand the internal storage of the system using the slot for the microSD card. The results are good as we can see in the benchmarks.

  • Storage: Total 32GB / Available 25GB
  • RAM: Total 3 GB / Available 1.8 GB / DDR3L
  • microSD: 32 MB/s reading / 22 MB/s writing.

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Battery and temperature

Installed in the Teclast M89 tablet we have a battery of 4840 mAh, the autonomy is correct if we do not demand high performance to the CPU with the brightness of the screen in between, if we play powerful games the battery drops quickly.

  • Battery recharge: Charging at 5V 2A, not fast charging, it can take up to about 4 hours.
  • Idle: Connected to the Wifi and without using it can last about 7 days.

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We check the performance of the tablet in scenarios of maximum sustained performance and in its usual use, we use a stress app for fifteen minutes and thermal camera to detect hot areas.

  • Thermal throttle: the system maintains a maximum performance of 85%, there is no appreciable loss
  • Temperature: The rear part gets hot in one zone

WIFI and Bluetooth

In Wi-Fi connections, the Teclast M89 tablet has a Wi-Fi ac Dual Band wireless adapter with which we connect to an ASUS RT-AC1200G+ Router, a mid-range device. We perform tests on the use of streaming using the iPerf measurement tool to see the maximum performance of each network adapter. You need to update the firmware to have the best results.

  • Wifi speed results: Correct speeds for this type of adapters.
  • Scope Wifi: At a distance of 5 meters with a wall we have a signal of 48 dBm, a very poor result.
  • Bluetooth: Works correctly and connects without problems
  • We recommend reading our Tutorial SAMBA on Android networks if we are going to use files from our network PC

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Sensors, modem, radio and GPS

Integrated in the Teclast M89 tablet we have a basic GPS that gives us a good accuracy. Interestingly, it does not seem to detect all the satellites we have in our area but it does not give bad results.

  • Location: GPS with accuracy of 6m, Compass NOT available.
  • Sensors: We only have an accelerometer.



In terms of performance the Teclast M89 has quite good results thanks to the new MediaTek MT8176 SoC and the power of the PowerVR GX6250 GPU. If we compare the results we can see how it is close to the Rockchip RK3399 or the Mediatek Helio X20, it surpasses the Snapdragon 425 but it is far from the powerful Kirin 960 model.


Games and gamepads

The Teclast M89 tablet with the Mediatek MT8176 SoC integrates the powerful GPU PowerVR GX6250 allows us to move 99% of Google Play titles without performance problems and good compatibility.

  • Compatibility: It is possible to play demanding titles such as PUBG with slight frame skips, the battery drains quickly.
  • Controls: Compatible with Gamepads by cable or bluetooth.


Test video files

We perform our video playback tests on the Teclast M89 tablet, a model that has the MediaTek MT8176 SoC that integrates a PowerVR GX6250 GPU with support in its VPU for video playback up to 4K@30fps.

Test results

H.264 Format Result
BBB – H.264 8bit – Simple@L1 – 1080p@25fps – 7 Mbps Correct
Samsung Oceanic Life – H.264  8bit – High@L5.1 – 1080p@30fps – 40 Mbps Correct
Timelapse – H.264 8bit – High@L5.1 – 4K@24fps – 43 Mbps Correct
Anime – H.264 10bit – High 10@L5.1 – 1080p@24fps – 10 Mbps Correct
H.265 Format
Tears of steel – HVEC 8bit – Main@L6.2@Main – 1080p@24fps – 17 Mbps Correct
Samsung UHD Dubai – HVEC 10bit – Main 10@L5.2@Main – 4K@24fps – 51 Mbps Correct
Jellyfish – HVEC 10bit – Main 10@L6.1@High – 4K@30fps – 392 Mbps Frameskip
Anime – HVEC 10bit –  Main 10@L4@Main – 1080p@24fps – 21 Mbps Correct
HDR Format
Life of Pi HDR10 –  HVEC 10bit – Main 10@L5.1@High – 4K@24fps – 45 Mbps Correct
LG Demo – Dolby Vision – HVEC 12bit – Main 10@L5@Main – 4K@24fps – 30 Mbps Correct
Planet Earth II – HDR HLG 10bit  – Main 10@L5@High – 4K@25fps – 31 Mbps Low Frameskip
The world in HDR – VP9 Profile 2 10bit – 4K@60fps – 20 Mbps Frameskip
Peru 8K HDR – VP9 Profile 2 10bit – 8K@60fps – 20 Mbps Frameskip

Streaming services

We pass the classic tests on streaming services using the tablet Teclast M89, we check that those that work do it correctly, this model only has DRM certificate Microsoft Widevine L3. Consult our guides where we explain in detail all the most known streaming services, how to configure them and see content in HD or 4K quality if possible.

  • NOTE: We remind this product do not have official support for these streaming apps, the compatibility with these services can vary depends of any new limitations imposed for this companies. The tests are perform with the indicated firmware and the version of the streaming app at the date of the review.
Streaming service Video Audio Performance
Youtube 2K (1440p) Stereo Correct
Netflix SD (480p) Stereo Correct
Amazon Prime Video SD (480p) Stereo Correct
HBO nordic FullHD (1080p) Stereo Correct
  • You can consult our guides where we explain in detail all the most known streaming services, what are their limitations in each platform and how to configure them to see content in HD or 4K quality if possible.
  • Guide for Netflix on Android, inside you can found a solution for Error 0013 and installation method on rooted devices
  • Guide for Amazon Prime video on Android




After reviewing the Teclast M89 tablet we can say that we are facing a very solid product. The MediaTek MT8176 Hexa core SoC moves the system without complications, the RAM, the fast internal storage and the Wifi adapter that behaves quite well together give good sensations in the daily use.

The Teclast M89 tablet undoubtedly stands out for its dimensions and metallic unibody that hand transmits an unusual solidity in the products of this range, the high resolution OGS screen gives a very good and pleasant image. There are some points to polish like the HDMI output only with 4:3 format and the speakers that are really mono. On the other hand the battery life is correct for this size of screen but playing games as is logical drains quickly the battery. In general, as we see a product quite advisable if we look for something in a 4:3 format way and with small dimensions.


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Teclast M89 _













  • Metal unibody, nice design
  • 2K OGS Screen
  • Powerfull
  • Wifi 5G fast
  • Stable


  • microHDMIO only in 4:3
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