REVIEW: Teclast S500 an economical 2.5″ SSD drive

Today we present the review of the Teclast S500 SSD disk in its 120 GB version although this same brand has more drives with others capabilities with similar specifications. This disk has a conventional format of 2.5″ SSD, a perfectly valid model to expand the storage space in any mini PC or laptop that we want to update or replace and with which it is sure that we will improve any integrated eMMC memory speed or a old HDD. This model can be found at a reasonable price although in this sector of SSD Chinos we have a lot of competition.

  • You can buy the SSD Teclast S500 in only for $38.49 for the smallest model


ModelTeclast S500
FormatSSD 2,5″
InterfaceSATA III
Capacity120 GB
Type of MemoryMLC
ControllerSilicon Motion SM2246XT
Dimensions3.9 x 2.7 x 0.27 inches
Live1.500.000 Hours


Package content

This Teclast S500 SSD disk comes in a cardboard box with the logo on the top side and its main specifications. Inside we find the disc properly protected in a plastic mold to avoid scares in the transport to our house, it includes a small manual in English that does not have much mystery.

The size of the disk Teclast S500 is about 3.9 x 2.7 x 0.27 inches which allows us to mount it on any device, is compatible with all accommodations, the box is made of aluminum and has reliefs with the brand.

In the back we can see the data of the model in our case is the SD120GBS500, something that varies depending on the size that we acquire in the store, the QR code is only valid for the Chinese market using wechat.

If we remove the top cover by removing a screw we can see the motherboard of the device fixed by four screws, a plate with space to mount others memory modules in the upper models.

On the board we have soldered the Silicon Motion SM2246XT controller and two MLC memory chips, a very compressed circuitry, as we see perfectly made with electronic welds.



First we check the data of the Teclast S500 SSD with the CrystalDiskInfo Software where we can see and contrast the specifications of this SSD SATA III. The data is correct and matches the advertised, we have 120 GB capacity and SATA / 600 interface with support SMART, APM, NCQ, TRIM and DevSleep.


We perform this classic test in the Teclast S500 where we can see that at the reading level maintains the type in front of a Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB. At the writing level it has some rather low results, quite normal results for a device in this segment.

Teclast S500Samsung EVO 850 SATA 250GB

Anvil’s Storage Utilities

With this test we have identical results with the Teclast S500 and we observe that in reading it has correct results compared to the Samsung 850 EVO of 250GB but in the writing speed are a little lowers.

Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB_SATA_Anvils storage utilities

AS SSD Benchmark

In the Teclast S500 we passed the test AS SSD Benchmark that gives similar results to the previous tests where it is clear that the performance of this SSD is correct in reading but in writing speed is somewhat below the Samsung 850 EVO 250GB, something that we expected since this is not a high-end disc.

Teclast S500SAMSUNG EVO 850 SATA 250GB


In this benchmark you can see how the Teclast S500 works against others SSD models that are now popular in the market. The values as we see are not bad and surpasses well know devices such as the low-end Kingston, the lowest figure is the 4K reading, some Chinese economic models exceed it but it is not critical.

  • Read/Write SEQ
    These data refer to the processes we do when copying a specific file continuously, for example when copying or writing a large file such as movies or ISO discs. This value defines the continuous transfer rate, which is important for storage units.
  • Read/Write 4K
    This data refers to the random accesses that the disk makes to files of size 4K. This data is significant because it defines for example how the OS can read system files or accessing small files, an important information to feel the system more fast.



After testing the Teclast S500 SSD disk we can say that we are facing a correct product at a reasonable price, we have correct speeds in reading although the writing speed is slower in front of their competition of this sector. In any case it is an economical disk that serves to update our laptop or increase space in our mini PC, a valid option that will improve our performance in general with respect to integrated eMMC memory or with respect to a conventional mechanical disk.

Where to buy

  • You can buy the SSD Teclast S500 in the store only for $38.49 for the smallest model

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