REVIEW: VIVIBright F40 a FullHD projector with 4200 Lumens

VIVIBright F40 is a new low-price FullHD projector that we present today its analysis or review, a product that comes out of the line of cheap projectors with low resolutions. This projector has internal speakers and a basic remote control as standard to control it. An option for those who want to have a giant screen available at any time in a simple and portable way.
  • The VIVIBright F40 projector can be purchased on at launch offer only for $179.99 (€164.29) with free shipping from Europe using the coupon 4KA1OWQ4.


ModelVIVIBright F40
Basic SpecsSoC: MStar V56
System: Own (Android optional)
Projector: LCD + LED 5.8″ BOE
Native resolution: 1920×1080
LED lamp: 4200 Lumens / 15000:1 Contrast / 50000 life hours
Screen size: 60″ (1.8m) – 120″ (3.6m) – 300″ (9.1m)
Controls: Focus and Keystone, both manual
Speakers: 2x10W
Ports: HDMI 1.4 / Jack audio / SPDIF / 2x USB 2.0 / 2x IR
Extras: IR remote / DC cable / Manual / Transport backpack
Materials and measures: Plástico / Panel LED frontal / 295x245x90 mm / 2.7 Kg.


The VIVIBright F40 comes in a standard cardboard box with the specifications and images of the product. Inside we found the projector protected with foam, a basic IR remote, DC cable, big Manual and a Transport backpack.


The VIVIBright F40 Projector have on the front one of the IR receivers and the focus with the adjustable lens. On the side we have two adjustment wheels, one for the focal distance and another for the keystone correction, on the other side we have two 10W speakers and the audio output. On the back we have the control keypad and the USB, HDMI, SPDIF, audio jack and extra IR receiver connectors.

  • Remote Control: Basic IR control for moving and multimedia playback of files.
  • Supports: Foot of elevation on table / Four screws to fix in ceiling.

In the lower area we have a support to correct the projection angle if we are going to have it supported on a flat surface. If we connect it to the power and press the general power button, the logo at the top lights up in red, if we activate the projector from the remote control or the back key, the spotlight turns on and the top light will be green.


System management

We turn on the VIVIBright F40 and arrive at a simple control desk, at the bottom we have the different categories that we can select from the remote. Video sections, music and images to play with the integrated player, we also have a USB drive selector menu or HDMI video input. The last option is the settings menu where we have extra options to fine tune the image and the general behavior of the projector.

  • Geometry settings: Symmetries and screen rotation.
  • Image settings: Default or by user / Contrast, Brightness, Color, Borders and Dye.
  • Color settings: Default or per user / Red, Green, Blue.
  • Sound: Audio output / Bass adjustment.
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, French, Croatian, Italian, Hungarian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Slovenian, Serbian, Finnish, Swedish, Bulgarian, Slovak and Chinese.

Noise level

The internal fan of the system is quite noisy, it is not strident but if we have a constant sound of the air flow that becomes quite noticeable. We can see on the meter next to the projector how we stand at 65dBA, so if we want to watch movies with peace of mind we need to move it away from the point where we are sitting.

  • Fan: Constant noise level 65dBA without adjustable speed.


Picture quality

The VIVIBright F40 projector as indicated in its advertising can reach up to 300 “screen size, but being realistic it is best to stay between 60″ to 1.8m and 120″ to 3.6m. If we move away to get the screen Maximum size reaching 4m already shows the distortion, although the image is still acceptable.

Adjusting the image quality as much as possible we have to say that the results are quite good, the colors do not have excessive saturation and the point definition is correct. Yes, we noticed that it costs a bit to leave the focus regulation perfect, but in general it shows that we are facing a 1080p projector at its definition level.

  • Definition: The quality of the detail is quite high and the points are well appreciated.
  • Uniformity: We have a certain lack of luminosity at the edges but it is not critical.

In the following video you can see and hear how the VIVIBright F40 works live, the image when recording it looks much brighter than what it looks like in reality but you can appreciate its general operation.

  • Power: 4200 Theoretical Lumens / For a good image, a semi-dark environment is required.

Video playback test

We test the internal player of the VIVIBright F40 projector, the system is quite limited and as we can see we can only read h.264 files of a certain format, in general it is not advisable to use the integrated player and it is better to connect an Android TV-Box or Mini PC in your HDMI video input. The integrated audio system with 2x 10W speakers is correct and we have a high volume, but since it is on one side the stereo effect is lost.

  • Video: Only supports old and h.264 formats up to 1080p.
  • Audio: 2x 10W / Does not support videos with AC3 audio format / Audio Jack / SPDIF

Video results

h.264 / 1080i / 8bitOK
h.264 / 1080p / 4K / 8bitNo compatible
h.264 / 1080p / 10bit (anime)No compatible
h.265 / 1080p / 8bitOK
h.265 / 1080p / 10bit (anime)No compatible
h.265 / 4K@24fps / 8bitNo compatible
h.265 / 4K@60fps / 10bit HDRNo compatible
VP9 P1 / 4K@24fps / 8bitNo compatible
VP9 P2 / 4K@60fps / 10bit HDRNo compatible
VP9 P2 / 8K@60fps / 10bit HDRNo compatible
AV1 / 4K@24fps / 10bitNo compatible
Max. Bitrate50 Mbps = 6,25 MB/s.
  • The maximum bitrate depends on the port used to connect or the limitations of SAMBA Networks.
  • SW = does not have hardware acceleration and may have have some frameskip in very heavy files.



VIVIBright F40













  • FullHD image
  • Correct definition and colors
  • Clean design
  • Various connection options
  • Cheap


  • Noisy
  • Limited internal player


As we have seen in our analysis, the VIVIBright F40 is a native FullHD image quality projector that has its positive points. We have been surprised for the overall image quality, with a fairly stable uniformity, definition of good point, colors and levels of adjustments allows us to have a correct overall quality for its price. Keep in mind that the internal player is not very useful and it is better to connect an Android TV-Box or external mini PC.

On the other hand, without a doubt, the VIVIBright F40 has a weak point in its ventilation system that is quite loud, the sound is contactable and can get tired if we are sensitive to it, it would be interesting to see how it would work with a higher quality fan. The integrated speakers are only found on one side, their power is quite decent and they are well heard, however it is advisable to connect it to an external speaker system located where the screen is.

In short, the VIVIBright F40 is a FullHD projector at a fairly tight price for what it offers. If we are looking for a projector with an FHD image quality, this can help us if the noise doesn’t bother us much.

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Worst peojector ever. Mandalorian is unbackable. Everything is tooo dark. Movies cant be played on that pice of shit projector.


i have a vivibright F40 projector but battle to schroll on netflix with it – is there any way else i can schroll easy with another device OR with this remote. am i doing something wrong?