RII I8X new Mini Wireless Keyboard with scroll wheel

We have already seen multiple variants of the new mini-keyboard that we present today, although this is perhaps the most complete one we have found so far. RII I8X includes a qwerty keyboard with backlighting and a small scroll wheel on the left side of the touchpad, a really interesting addition that will greatly facilitate this common action. For the rest we do not see great variations in this new version apart from slight changes in design.

 Rii i8X

RII I8X includes a small QWERTY keyboard accompanied by a touchpad and a crosshead on its left side. We also find various shortcut keys and the typical status LEDs. The RII I8X communicates via RF with the equipment that we want to control thanks to a small USB adapter included, and is compatible with any device with Android, Windows, Linux, consoles like the PS4 and development boards like the Raspberry Pi. For powering it includes an BL-5B internal battery rechargeable by a miniUSB port with the included cable.

Rii i8X keyboard

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This new model doesn’t have the “Play/Pause” button which was located in the center of left wheel on the former model i8+. So now how do we Play or Pause in Kodi or any other app ?

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