Rii RK707 gamepad with backlit keyboard included in this curious combo

Curious command to use that this time presents us Rii, a Chinese brand specialized in this type of accessories with its Rii RK707.

Its new controller this time includes a Gamepad combo on one side while on the other we have a backlit QWERTY keyboard even with a small touchpad. This keyboard has 3 PC / PS3 / Android operating modes, so we will be able to use it on almost any device we have at home. An interesting multifunction device for casual gamers and as an HTPC or Smart TV control.

Rii RK707


The Rii RK707 includes on one side a small backlit mini keyboard with various function keys, a touchpad and a pair of buttons that emulate the keys of a mouse. To use it we have a switch that switches the gamepad mode with that of the keyboard and to recharge its internal battery we have a micro USB port.

The gamepad occupies the other side and includes 2 Joysticks, a D-PAD vibration anointing, 4 triggers, various function keys and vibration function. The Rii RK707 communicates through a wireless USB adapter that we have to connect to the device that we want to control.

Price and availability in stores

Rii RK707 gamepad

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