ROCKNIX 20240612, available for download and install

New version of ROCKNIX available that offers improvements and fixes. Download or update online this version to get the most out of your console.

The Linux ROCKNIX operating system offers interesting features and is compatible with multiple consoles with Rockchip SoC and some also with AMLogic processors. As we can see in the Changelog new options have been added and multiple features have been updated. Among its great points is the support for the Portmaster system that allows for example to run simple PC games, multiplayer support and touch screen, among other functions. It also supports Streaming Gaming from PC via Moonlight from our Sunshine server, click on the links to read our tutorials on how to use it.

rocknix tutorial

Download and update ROCKNIX

  • Update Online directly from the Settings menu in your console.
  • Download manually by following the ROCKNIX Manual.

List of changes

New Features

Generic MIPI DSI panel driver, that allows loading panel parameters via an overlay. Allows for R36S panels to be supported with and external panel description. Thanks @stolen. See wiki for more info:
RK3566: MelonDS standalone emulator, requires panfrost gpudriver.
RK3566: Add Undervolting options at 3 different levels, allows for better sustained performance in higher end emulators and lowers battery drain on lower end emulators. See wiki for more info:
RK3588: Initial support Retro Lite CM5. Thanks @ginkage


Update Retroarch to 1.19.
Update linux 6.9.3 (all except RK3326 and RK3588)
Update Wayland and Vulkan (S922X).
Update Mesa.
Update curl. Thanks @UzuCore
Update Stress-ng. Thanks @aenertia

Bug Fixes

RK3566: Fix libmali gpu driver for Powkiddy X55
RK3566: Improved display brighhtness RK3566.
RK3566: Deep sleep Powkiddy RK2023, RGB30, RGB10 Max 3 and RGB20SX.
RK3566: Fix non-responsive controls after sleep
Fix big and little cores setting per system and game. Thanks @porschemad911
RK3326: Fix shaders. Thanks @amd343
S922X: fix black screen on bootup with no input devices.
Fix broken emulators: freej2me-lr and hypeseus-singe (Daphne).
Miscellanous repo, OS and bug fixes, Thanks @mauroferra, @porschemad911, @stolen, @DinStamou

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