S95 a new Box with S905X2 SoC and little news

We continue to expand the variety of Chinese TV-Boxes equipped with the new SoC of AMlogic S905X2 and this time we find in stores the new S95. Its external appearance with the typical black quadrangular plastic case already points to that we will not find too many novelties in its interior beyond what we have seen in the market until now. Just point at the features of this equipment that includes gigabit Ethernet network connector and a version with only 2GB of RAM, although this is not particularly cheap.

 S95 S905X2

SoC, RAM and storage

The new Box S95 includes the SoC of AMlogic S905X2, a new Quad Core chip that theoretically reaches up to 2 GHz and integrates a new and powerful GPU Mali-G31 MP2. As a novelty in video playback we have a new VPU with TruLife 8th generation that integrates specific hardware to encode and decode h.265 and VP9 codecs. We have on board 2/4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM and 16 / 32GB of eMMc storage memory that can be extended from the microSD card reader that includes this equipment on one side.

Other specifications

The TV-Box S95 includes b/g/n Wi-Fi wireless connectivity with internal antenna in its cheaper version with 2GB of RAM while the 4GB of RAM includes Dual Band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. The connectors included in the plastic box are a USB 2.0 port, another USB 3.0, a Gigabit Ethernet connector, SPDIF digital audio port and an HDMI 2.1 video output with hata support for 4K @ 60fps resolutions with dynamic HDR with refresh change automatic (if we have a compatible TV).

The operating system included is Android 8.1 and includes a simple infrared remote control.

Price and availability

  • The TV-Box S95 can be purchased at Gearbest.com from $ 60.21 shipping included in its version with 2GB of RAM.

S95 S905X2 Android

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