SDMC unveils its Amlogic S928X Android TV-Box and self-recharging remote at MWC 2023

From MWC 2023 the company SDMC presents its new range of products at its booth. Highlights the new Box DV9286 with Amlogic S928X and the new auto rechargeable remote control.

Thanks to SDMC’s Hailstorm accreditation, its devices can play Netflix 4K without problems. Among the new features we have a new Android TV-Box called DV9286 that offers the recent Amlogic S928X SoC with Android 13. We have also been able to physically see the new self-charging remote control that we discussed a few weeks ago and other designs of TV-Box quite peculiar for its small size or for its modular system.

sdmc catalog mwc 2023

Android TV-Box SDMC DV9286 with Amlogic S928X

The Android TV-Box DV9286 is a demonstration product with the 12nm Penta Core Amlogic S928X SoC, a processor that we have seen this week in detail. This processor is a powerful platform for playing 4K and 8K content with HDR10+, HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision (optional), AV1, VP9, H.265 or AVS3 support. In addition to being able to offer variants compatible with Dolby Atmos sound in the future. Additionally, it integrates support for Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2.

sdmc DV9286 Amlogic S928X

Self-recharging remote control

At the same SDMC booth we had the first contact with the self-recharging remote control with an integrated PowerFoyle solar cell, a product that we had already discussed a few weeks ago. This product is currently not commercially available in any TV-Box but it is possible that during 2023 some distributor will adopt it and offer it in their device.

sdmc remote mwc 2023

Other interesting products

In addition to these two devices, SDMC has presented other interesting devices. They have quite attractive designs of micro TV-Box with SoC Amlogic S905Y4 to hang anywhere. The modular TV-Box system with a smart speaker that attaches magnetically has also caught our attention. Alternatives that may be adopted in the future by some distributors in various markets.

sdmc mwc 2023

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