Monitor your PC with this 3.5-inch secondary display

Today we have on offer an interesting 3.5″ IPS secondary display that serves to monitor the performance of our PC in a very attractive way.

This small screen is big enough to show in live all the information of our hardware, we can see the temperatures of the CPU and GPU, as well as its speed and resource usage. With a simple USB-C cable we can connect it to our Windows computer and directly see all the data with minimal configuration.

3.5 Inch IPS TYPE C

3.5″ Secondary Display Specifications

This small 3.5″ IPS display offers us a sufficient size to read all the data safely, the resolution is 320×480 pixels. The screen measures 49×74 mm, the metal casing measures 55×85 mm with a thickness of 8 mm. A stand is included to be able to put the screen vertically or horizontally on our desktop.

This screen is only compatible with Windows, to configure the data on the screen we need to use the application offered by the manufacturer. With this app we can change the appearance of the screen with multiple skins that we can customize slightly, but we can not play other content such as movies or other, only data.

This screen only needs to be connected with the USB-C cable to a USB-A port on our computer, it does not require additional power supply.

Price and availability

pantalla secundaria 3.5 Inch IPS TYPE C

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