Senbono N105 Smartwatch with GPS and IP68 at a laughter price

Today we find in AliExpress an interesting really cheap smartwatch for its specifications, the Senbono N105 that is aimed at the more sporty public.

Undoubtedly, the Senbono N105 highlights its integrated and autonomous GPS that allows us to record our routes (Bike, running …) and then export them from its app, we suppose in .gpx format. A GPS that has autonomy per session that reaches up to 15 hours, not bad for a smartwatch of this price that also includes a semi-reflective screen with which we will have good visibility outdoors.

An interesting option for its price if we want to record our routes without depending on the battery of our smartphone and without spending a millionaire.

Senbono N105


The Senbono N105 includes a 1.05-inch circular monochrome touch screen with a resolution of 125 x 125 pixels of the semi-reflective LCD type and which has 2 auxiliary control buttons on its sides. At the heart we have a SoC that includes Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, 32K of RAM and 256K of flash memory. Inside the box with IP68 protection we have a heart rate sensor and functions for monitoring various sports such as cycling, hiking, …

The battery is 300 mAh and lasts for up to 15 days depending on the use of its functions, although the autonomy is reduced to 15 hours if we use the GPS continuously. The weight is 52g, its diameter is 55 mm, and it is 18 mm thick. To configure the Smartwatch we have available on Android and iOS, although we do not know its name.

Price and availability

  • The Senbono N105 Smartwatch with GPS can be purchased on AliExpress from $ 24.99 with free shipping.

Senbono N105 Smartwatch

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