Easy home automation with this light sensor from AliExpress

Today in AliExpress a smart light sensor that is really cheap and compatible with the Smart Life, Tuya and Alexa apps caught my attention.

This light sensor is a very interesting device, especially considering its price and possibilities that it offers us in home automation. Through the Smart Life or Tuya apps we can automate tasks of all kinds such as raising or lowering blinds depending on the insolation, turning on a light, radio or TV at dusk for a certain time, control of solar panels… Home automation applications, both in the domestic and commercial sphere, that we can give to a light sensor are many.

sensor de luz tuya


In the field of hardware, this smart light sensor is quite simple. We have a small waterproof plastic box with two holes, one for a function led and another where the light sensor is, which has an operating range of between 0-1000LUX with steps of 1 LUX. We have two versions of this sensor, one that is powered by 3 AAA batteries and the other by a 5V/1A micro USB port. The size in the version powered by micro USB port is 30 x 58 x 16, really discreet.

They have Wi-Fi connectivity and, as we have said, their installation, monitoring and automation is easily done through the Smart Life or Tuya apps. It is also compatible with Alexa, like all Smart life compatible devices.

Price and availability in stores

  • This smart light sensor can be purchased on AliExpress from just $17 with shipping included.

sensor de luz tuya Smartlife

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