Sony Smart TVs update their Android TV home screen

Sony has made the leap to the new home screen design similar to the one we can see in the Google TV system and little by little its users will receive this update.

This is only a minor update of the interface and will not change the system internally. The models that will receive this update are the Sony Smart TVs between 2016 to 2021, the new Smart TVs that come to market will already have this environment activated. A much more visual system that also introduces recommended items in the background on the main screen and also has with the Discover section with more recommendations.

android tv google tv n01
New Sony Android TV interface

The update will be released from the app store itself and will replace several system apps dedicated to appearance. If we do not receive the update we can go to the app store to see if they are pending installation. The rollout is progressive, for now users in the US and Europe already have it available and soon will be in other regions.

Updated models

  • 2021: W800
  • 2020: Z9H, Z8H, A9S, A8H, X95H, X92H, X91H, X90H, X85H, X81H, X80H, X75H
  • 2019: Z9G, A9G, A8G, X95G, X90G, X87G, X85G, X83G, X81G, X80G, W80G 2018: A9F, Z9F, A8F, X90F, X87F, X85F, X83F, X80F, X78F, X75F, W80F
  • 2017: A1, X95E, X94E, X93E, X90E, X85E, X82E, X80E, X75E
  • 2016: Z9D, X83D, X80D, S80D, X75D, X70D
android tv pre google tv n02
Old Sony Android TV interface


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