SSD M.2 Goldenfir on special offer at

For a few days we will have on sale in the shopping portal the SSD disks with M.2 interface of the China Goldenfir brand. The SSD offered by this Low Cost brand are 64, 128 and 256 GB capacity. A mark that at the moment we have not tested but of which we already have on the way an SSD unit for review, according to the specifications, seems interesting.

goldenfir M2

As we have said the offered Goldenfir SSDs have M.2 connector and SATA 3 interface, they are available in a convertible format of 42, 60, and 80 mm long. The type of memory chips used are TLC and the installed controllers can be Silicon Motion 2246 or 2258 depending on the size. The speeds of these SSDs are very different depending on the capacity of each unit but it seems that they are around 525 MB / s in reading and 475 MB / s for the higher capacity unit of 256 GB.

  • The M.2 SSD of the China Goldenfir brand can be purchased on offer at from only $24.50 including shipping costs for the most economical model with 64 GB capacity.

goldenfir m2 ssd

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