Summer Semi-annual Sale with XIDU Aliexpress

XIDU semi-annual sale is online, from June 21 to June 25. Enjoy the summer sale at XIDU Official Store and XIDU Tech Store, gets up to 70% OFF on every thing! We also offer FREE shipping and tax-FREE on certain areas. All the current in-stock laptops and the PhilStand Family will also on sale, check the details below, PhilStand are available at $6.3.

xidu summer sale n01

PhilPad comes with two modes, adjust it to tablet mode and watch your favorite TV series or singing star anywhere you want. At work time, assemble the keyboard and enjoy the smooth and pleasant experience of PhilPad while you operate various software at the same time. The ergonomic soft keyboard really makes it comfortable to type on a compact device, and the 135° Rotatable kickstand enables you to use it at various angles. The device is like a laptop and tablet integrated into one, and you can change it into either one like a magician.

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Have you got neck pain after a long time staring at TikTok from the same angle? Did you ever feel back pain when you try to stretch the arm? Consider investing in a laptop stand that can help you prevent such moments or ease the pain. You should choose a laptop stand that maintains the right back and neck posture while you are working.

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