Sunvell Q Plus another Chinese box with Allwinner H6 SoC

Little by little the Allwinner H6 SoC is entering the market, although it is costing it and today we see it in a new box called Sunvell Q Plus. Externally it is the typical Chinese box, with a compact format and that can serve us perfectly for KODI and IPTV, but not for streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime if we have something beyond a basic account. For the rest little to highlight for a box that has Android 8.1 as OS.

Sunvell Q Plus

SoC, RAM and storage

The Box Sunvell Q Plus includes Allwinner H6 SoC, a Quad Core with ARM Cortex-A53 processors that reaches up to 1.8Ghz and an ARM Mali-T720mp2 GPU capable of processing video up to 4K resolutions at 60fps and 6K at 30fps thanks to Your Allwinner Phoenix 3.0 VE engine. It also has 4GB of DDR3 RAM and 32/64GB of storage memory that can be expanded thanks to the SD card reader found on the side of the plastic case.

Other features

This box comes with WiFi b/g/n with internal antenna and Bluetooth 4.1 on board in the wireless section. As for connectors, it includes a 10/100 network port, SPDIF digital audio output jack, a USB 3.0 port, a USB 2.0 port, an HDMI 2.0 video output and an AV analog output.

Price and availability

  • The Sunvell Q Plus TV-Box can be purchased at from $47.99 (€42.12), shipping included in its 4/32GB version.

Sunvell Q Plus Allwinner H6

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I can not app download from google play store .I did every way and afew time reset but its not download the any app.
who knows any thing about this problem and how can i fix it ?

Afiq Izwaz

Just bought q+. How to turn on/off device?
I have to turn swicth off then turn it back on to use the box. No on/off hard switch found.
Kindly help.


You can’t, simply as that.


Internally there is an IR remote receiver device on the opposite side to the sockets. The standby and ON switch is on the IR remote that is supposed to be supplied with these mine did not have it… and none of the IR bridge devices I have seem to know the codes we need for these 🙁 Mine was supplied with a 2.4GHz generic HID keyboard with touch pad but no remote and not having one I cannot clone the remotes codes…

Is there a way to turn of the color lights? I don’t have a led button on the remote.

Sure, not.
Hardware mod o black tape.

Afiq Izwaz

Can be turned off. @app list there Led option

Look for APP called LED or with a lightbulb graphic, that controls what the LEDs do!


on the latest firmware..the light app is missing,so can’t control the light.
I wish to put the original firmware back on mine,but can’t find it.could
some with the 2.1.5 build firmware please upload and make available.


My box doesn’t have the LED app. Can you back it up and share it?


Does anybody have firmware for this device???


I we don’t have it published then we don’t know it.
Your shop can provide you a download link if not open a dispute, please share to help others.


Finally got the firmware from the manufacturer


Please share the download link, this help other users.


algien me puede decir como flashear ese firwarae de la Q+QUE se me brickio y no sale del logo y no me da recovery


I would be interested to know this also, mine is bricked and won’t boot at all, I am unable to flash it with the firmware posted here. I need to get something with uboot for the h6, does anyone have any idea where I can find some. Cheers




Bob buddy you have estock ROM Android 9 Qplus buddy I really need him


Anybody able to get the Bluetooth to work? I have a brand new Q+ and the Bluetooth cannot be enabled.


The Q+ was advertised as having Bluetooth 4.1. I bought it on eBay, so maybe it’s time to make a claim?

Can anybody confirm if Bluetooth is working on any of the other Allwinner H6 boxes, such as the one from Tanix or Zidoo? If it works on one of those boxes, then maybe I can try their firmware?


First make a factory reset and try again.
If still don’t work talk with the seller wait for answer, if the response is not ok open a dispute, you have nothing to lose.


I did the factory reset, but still no change.

I’ll see if I can return it to the seller and buy something else, or at least get a partial refund.

Thanks for the advice!


Good luck, keep us informed.


Seller offered a $12 partial refund, which I accepted since everything else is working. Seller also insisted that everything was 100% working when they shipped it so maybe it got damaged during shipping. I also contacted a different seller on eBay who was selling the same box and said that his bluetooth 4.0 was working fine. I also noticed that most sellers are now advertising it without Bluetooth.

Is there an app that I can install to verify whether or not my particular hardware is Bluetooth capable? I have the 64GB version. Maybe it is different than the 32GB model?


Maybe. The only way is open and check the name of the wifi chip.