TAKU an ITX chassis with horizontal design and wooden legs

We love compact format PCs and among them the ITX chassis with a small volume offer the most interesting designs. Today we want to echo the new box of the brand Cryorig (associated with Lian Li) named TAKU, a box with a design inspired by Nordic lines that elevates the computer thanks to his four wooden legs, on top we can support our screen allowing us win more space in our work desk.

taku mini pc sale d01

On the TAKU chassis we can put a monitor in its upper part of up to 33 pounds which gives us the option to use any monitor on the market, you just have to watch out not to cover the air vents in the upper fans. As we see the design is all white except the wooden legs that raise the set and allow us for example to keep our keyboard under the PC. On the front we have a power button with status LED and on the side two USB 3.0 ports in addition to input and output audio jacks.

litb box 1111 sale n01

The box of the TAKU has an external measurements of 5.5 x 22.4 x 12.2 inches and a weight of 11.6 lbs, inside we have the possibility of mounting a motherboard in ITX format, also a dedicated GPU up to 11 inches in addition to a power supply in SFX or SFX-L formats. As internal storage we have the ability to install a 3.5″ disk and another two 2.5″. As we see the GPU is installed horizontally and has the air outlet for the bottom of the box.

  • You can buy TAKU on the Newegg.com store for $299.95 although the shipments will start on December 1.

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