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The end of the year is approaching and we start to see the typical promotions of the best selling products of 2017, this time from our favorite teams, the TV-Box with Android, in the China online store where they receive discounts but the available units They are limited.

We did not find surprises in the first place of the classification since we find the Xiaomi Mi Box international version as the best-selling TV-Box. A device that by the way already has a minimum price marked from Xiaomi and that we will not see the prices of yesteryear. On this occasion you can buy it in promotion for $69.90 including shipping cost.

In the rest of the TV-Box’s best-selling standings in 2017 in this store is still with their prices on offer, almost all of these TV-Box have our usual reviews where we analyze them in detail:

  1. Xiaomi Mi Box international version with SoC S905X-H, Android TV, Chromecast and Netflix 4K for only $69.90
  2. Beelink GT1 Ultimate with SoC S912 and 3GB of DDR4 RAM for around $69.99
  3. SCISHION V88 a Low Cost with SoC RK3229 and 1GB of RAM for less than $19.99
  4. Tanix TX3 Mini other Low Cost with SoC S905W and 2GB of RAM for less than $28.99
  5. MECOOL M8S Pro+ an interesting device with SoC S905X that allows you to play Netflix HD for less than $35.99


gearbest best 2017 TV BOX

As it could not be otherwise accompanying this offer we also have different promotions in all types of TV-Boxes with Android and some Windows miniPC, in offers grouped by brands, warehouses and liquidations among others. As always before buying, we recommend you compare the prices.

Gearbest Android TV deal

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