TICWRIS GTS, new Smartwatch with corporal temperature sensor

New smartwatch with sensor included to measure body temperature, a trend that has come to stay in smart watches and that we will soon see in practically all new models. The TICWRIS GTS is a low-price smartwatch that includes this new functionality and that will warn us of any anomaly in our temperature that, as you already know, may be linked to a Covid-19 infection.

In addition to this new sensor we also find others to know the level of oxygen in the blood, blood pressure, heart rate and monitor all our daily physical activities including 7 sports modes. Many features in a new low-price smartwatch that is also on launch offer.

ticwris gts


The TICWRIS GTS Smartwatch has a rectangular TFT touch screen with 4.5D glass, with a size of 1.3 inches, resolution of 240 x 240 pixels and which has an IP68 protection certificate. The management of this smartwatch is done through the touch screen but with the support of a wheel-shaped button that we have on the side. In this watch we have a Nordic nRF52832 SoC that inside includes a low-power ARM Cortex-M4 processor, 64KB of RAM, 512KB of RAM and has Bluetooth 4.0 to connect efficiently.

As autonomy we have a 160mAh battery that will theoretically last us about 5 days with moderate use and using the sensors on time. It has monitoring of multiple types of physical activities, graphics of our activities and has its own app for Android or iOS and also receives notices of calls or messaging.

Price and availability

  • The TICWRIS GTS smartwatch can be purchased on sale at Gearbest.com for $ 24.99 with shipping included and is available in three colors.

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