Tiktech offers us discounts on conference speakers and webcams

From the Tiktech store (formerly known as gadgetslootbox) we have a number of offers for conference speakers and webcams with FullHD resolution. This online store specializes in selected technology products offers to us special discounts on new products. We have a speakerphone for our business meetings and a webcam with FullHD resolution and wide field of view.

eMeet M2 n02


The new eMeet M2 offers a Bluetooth speakerphone system with integrated microphones that can manage up to eight people in a single meeting. Inside this speaker we have four integrated HD microphones that capture all the external sound to transmit it, we can connect remotely to this speaker in a simple way using Bluetooth with our mobile phone, PC or tablet.

This device has an internal battery of 2500 mAh that gives some autonomy, we can connect via USB to charge it easily. We have a 3W speaker with a sound level of 85dB. It is compatible with the main audio applications for video conferences in Windows, Android or iOS.

  • The eMeet M2 can be purchased for $161.49 with the asgjyktv coupon, is shipped from US and supports PayPal

eMeet M2 n03


We also have on offer the eMeet C960 webcam, a product that offers FullHD resolution. This camera has an autofocus system up to 16 feet (ca. 5 meters) to always have a clear image in our transmissions. It has a lens system that allows to capture images in environments even with low light.

The eMeet C960 webcam has two integrated omnidirectional microphones to capture all our audio. The range of the camera is between 32-197 inches and has a 90º focus lens. This hardware is compatible with Windows, Android and Mac systems, we can also mount a tripod at the bottom.

  • The eMeet C960 can be purchased for $59.49 with the asgjyktv coupon, is shipped from US and supports PayPal

eMeet c960 n03

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