TikTok Android TV, how to easily install the official app

TikTok Android TV offers us all the contents of this platform on our Android TV devices, all Smart TVs with this system and also in others such as Samsung and LG with their own system.

Although the TikTok app for Android TV has been officially published for multiple devices, but it is possible that we do not see it available in the Google Play store for Android TV, this may be due to region limitations or other types of permissions. However, it is possible to install the app easily on any compatible Android TV by following this manual.

Tiktok Android TV

Install TikTok apk on Android TV

To install TikTok Android TV devices, we will only need the APK file of this application and follow the steps described below. We have some differences with respect to the mobile version that must be taken into account.

  • We cannot upload videos.
  • We can read comments, but not reply.
  • We have access to favorites, categories and uploaded videos.

The app does not present any compatibility problem, and we can use it directly with our remote control, from the app itself will explain how to use the remote control cross to use it.

  1. Download APK Tiktok for Android TV on your PC and copy to USB.
  2. Or we use this link in a browser on our Android TV “2Lnks.com/go/tiktok” (download the APK in the Download folder)
  3. Run the APK on our TikTok Android TV device with a file manager like X-Plorer. Free on Google Play Store.
  4. We accept the permissions of unknown origins, if we do not already have them enabled.
  5. If we already had a previous version of this APP this will be updated automatically.
  6. We can watch videos as a guest using the remote control with the central crosshair.
    Tiktok Android TV app
  7. We can also access with our account using our user or from tv.tiktok.com/activate.
    Tiktok Android TV login

Install TikTok apk on Android TV-Box

We can also use TikTok on devices with Android mobile system as we find in the cheap Chinese TV-Box, we simply need to use a mouse or flymouse to move the pointer as if it were our finger on a tablet. The app can be downloaded directly from Google Play because it does not present any incompatibility.

  1. Download TikTok directly from Google Play on the TV-Box.
  2. We install and access by entering our username and password.
  3. This app is designed for touch screens, so we need a mouse or a flymouse connected.
  4. Keep the left button pressed and sliding the pointer up to switch TikTok.

Tiktok Android TV-box

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