TKST Mini PC AMD A12-9800B a small passive computer with 8GB of RAM

Today we find a new compact computer under the name of TKST Mini PC AMD A12-9800B, a miniPC surprises us with the inclusion of an AMD A12-9800B APU, little seen in miniPCs. A processor that is already a few years old but that has several interesting points and that at the power level leaves behind its rivals from Intel in the Celeron range. This small PC also features a passive heatsink and a pretty spectacular top-of-the-box radiator.

TKST Mini PC AMD A12 9800B

Processor, RAM and storage

The TKST Mini PC AMD A12-9800B includes as its heart an AMD A12-9800B Bristol Ridge APU, a Quad Core with a frequency between 2.3 and 3.6GHz, integrates a Radeon R7 Carrizo GPU that surpasses any Intel HD Graphics, the set is manufactured at 28nm and has a consumption of 15W TPD. The included RAM is 8GB of DDR3 RAM with two SO-DIMM memory banks and includes a 128 or 256GB capacity MSATA SSD and a SATA connector to install a disk. 2.5 “.

Other specs

At the level of network connectivity we have a Dual Band WiFi adapter and a Gigabit Ethernet connector. The included ports are 2 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0, 3.5mm audio jacks, a microSD card reader, an HDMI 1.4 and a DP video output capable of reaching resolutions up to 4K. This hardware is compatible with Windows 10 and Linux, the hardware limitation is that it does not support h.265 or VP9 decoding and we remain at h.264.

Price and availability


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