Tomtop celebrates its 14th anniversary in a big way

The online store celebrates its 14 anniversary in a big way, we have multiple daily offers, games and discount coupons to get the best prices in all its product catalog. The celebrations of anniversaries are distributed in several batches from June 11 to July 3. As always, we recommend comparing prices before buying and using a payment method with maximum security.

  • Warm Up(June 11 – June 19 @08:00 UTC): Get the Party started with Party Countdown Deals.
  • Main Event (June 19 – June 26 @08:00 UTC)): Your Unbeatable Prices for stunning savings.
  • After Party(June 26 – July 3): Thank to accompany with us.

In addition to the Flash Deals that we find on the daily deals panel, we also have different events that bring us great prizes like the Lucky bags. We must be attentive to the options we have in the draw and surprises bags to get the maximum performance.

14th Anniversary Party >>

  • Anniversary Flash Sale:Crazy Flash Deal Grabs for ultimate discounts!
  • Loyalty Discounts: Best of Bargains for those who love deals.
  • $9.99 for 3 items: Pay just $9.99 for Seriously Hot Gear
  • Pure Fashion: Design your own style
  • Biggest brands clearance deals for you
  • Anniversary gifts

Anniversary Lucky Bags >>

  • Lucky Bags: Get a surprises on each bag! XIAOMI lucky bag is waiting for you

Rain Game Rules

  1. Game time: June 11th – 26th. Win Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X ,The winning rate is more than 90%.
  2. Click “Play Gift Rain Game” to start game, Click gift box to catch free gift,
  3. 3.Game time last 1 minute(Or you can close game box to end the game).
  4. Login in to get 3 free lucky attempts to play gift rain each day.
  5. Share to one of the following channels to get one more free chance each day.
    (1 chance each channel, up to 4 more free times each day)
  6. Use 20 TT Points to try lucky attempts
  1. One lucky attempt can play once, but you can open gift box to get gifts as many as you like.
  2. Each customer can try up to 50 lucky attempts each day.
  3. You can find your game gifts in you TT account.
  4. TOMTOP reserves the rights for guidelines and prizes for this gift tree game. If you have any question.

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