Toybrick RK3399Pro a PCB with RK3399Pro SoC

Little we have seen until now the Rockchip RK3399Pro SoC in the market, a SoC that is basically an RK3399 with the addition of a NPU (Neural-network Processing Unit) able to reach up to 3 TOPS and that now dresses the PCB Toybrick RK3399Pro. A plate out of the normal for the use of the SoC of Rockhip and that also comes with a Dual Android / Linux system installed as standard, naturally all this is also seen in its price far removed from the low cost PCB’s.

SoC, RAM and storage

The Toybrick RK3399Pro as a Hexa Core RK3399 SoC from Rockchip that has a cluster of 2 ARM Cortex-A72 processors capable of reaching 2.0Ghz and another cluster with 4 ARM Cortex-A53 processors. Your GPU is a Mali-T860mp4. The included RAM is 3 / 6GB, has 16 / 32Gb flash memory options and includes a microSD card reader. We also see that it includes a Mini PCIE port where we can install an SSD.

Other specifications

At connectivity level includes a PCIE port, two MPI for cameras, Gigabit network port, an HDMI 2.1, Display Port 1.2, a USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, a USB Type-C port, audio jack and several internal connectors more among which we see a connector for an internal fan for example.

Price and availability

  • The PCB Toybrick RK3399Pro can be booked in VARMS from $ 249.00 and includes a box, power supply and a USB Type-C cable.


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