Trimui Model S an ultra-thin console with the size of a credit card

New Chinese laptop that has been around for days by Aliexpress called Trimui Model S and that undoubtedly stands out for its size that allows you to carry it in your pocket easily.

The Trimui Model S includes 8 and 16 bit console and arcade emulators, such as Super Nintendo, Neo Geo, NES, Master System…the usual Chinese laptops. Its size is only 105 x 55 x 9.5 mm and in its design highlights its aluminum back and front transparent that allows you to see the interior with its motherboard which by the way is available in various colors. An alternative for those who are looking for something minuscule, although the screen seems a bit small.

Trimui Model S portable


The small Trimui Model S includes a SoC AllWinner F1C200S based on the ARM9 architecture that reaches 717 mhz speed and includes 64 MB of RAM. For storage 4 or 8 GB of internal memory depending on the model and a micro SD card reader from which the games are loaded.

The screen is an IPS with a size of 2 inches with a resolution of 320×240 pixels and the internal battery is 600 mAh with an autonomy that can reach the 3.5 hours of game. As interfaces we have a USB Type-C port where we can recharge the battery or connect all types of peripherals such as controllers, headphones or external storage.

Price and availability

  • The Trimui Model S handheld console can be purchased in different colors at only for $43.91 (36€) with free shipping using coupons provided by the seller.

Trimui Model S

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