Tronsmart BANG MAX, new powerful 130W with three-way loudspeaker

With the name Tronsmart BANG MAX comes a new and powerful speaker that offers up to 130 W output power and RGB LED lighting.

The new Tronsmart BANG MAX portable speaker with its great power can certainly leave us deaf. With its design with handle we can carry it anywhere by lifting the 5.6 kg it weighs and also includes Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity and an RGB LED lighting system that can animate our parties.

We can also use it for Karaoke by connecting two microphones. We can use it as a Power Bank thanks to its large battery and recharge any mobile or tablet that needs it. It is compatible with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants, allows connecting up to 100 other speakers and has IPX6 certification against dust and water.

tronsmarrt max banx

Tronsmart BANG MAX Specifications

The Tronsmart BANG MAX has a configuration of 2 x 30W woofers, 2 x 20W mid tweeters, 2 x 10W tweeters and 2 passive bass speakers that, added together, have a maximum output power of 130 W. Thanks to the patented SoundPulse algorithm system, this speaker will give us high quality audio with support also for SBC audio codec.

This large speaker with integrated handle is protected by a body that is water and dust resistant with IPX6 certification. In the connectivity section we have Bluetooth 5.3 low power consumption with great range, which allows us to connect up to 100 speakers in real stereo.

Autonomy and other outstanding features

In terms of connectors we have a micro SD card reader, two 3.5 mm microphone jack, a USB Type-C port for Power Bank function and recharging. The 18,000 mAh internal battery guarantees up to 24 hours of audio playback with the volume at 50%, although if we activate the RGB LED lighting system the autonomy is reduced.

The controls under the handle are protected against water, the weight is no less than 5.87 kg, so we can also use it as a gym weight. Thanks to the Tronsmart App we can also equalize and change more settings of this speaker remotely.

Price of the Tronsmart BANG MAX

tronsmarrt max banx speaker

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John Taylor

It’s huge and loud! at 170$ that’s what the motion boom + still goes for. (Occasionally goes on sale ). But this and the halo200 -120w , [2bt Mics] sound really good.